Monday, February 6, 2012


This is a sad story. A polar bear mother -- either totally confused by her captivity and unable to recognize her own offspring -- or in act of trying to save her babies from living a lifetime in captivity -- attempts to kill her own cubs. One of the cubs dies, but this one lives. Does the face of this baby polar bear look sad to anyone besides me?

As I watch the video, I feel sad to watch this baby polar bear, "playing" in (artificial?) snow, in a kiddie pool, instead of living a life in it's natural environment and experiencing the God-given life of a polar bear.

When will humans stop capturing, imprisoning, torturing, and eating animals?
"Wonderful news! A baby polar bear that was rejected by his mother has gone on public display at Toronto Zoo for the first time.

As Care2′s Cathryn Wellner reported here, last October, more than a month before they were due, three polar bear cubs slipped into the world of the Toronto Zoo. Aurora, the new mother, turned on them, devouring one and injuring the others before zoo staff could intervene. One of the survivors died.

And the other is now four months old and appears to be thriving.

Why did mom reject her babies? Experts are unsure, but being in captivity may have contributed to the attack. Wild animals in zoos are stressed due to the unnatural surroundings and crowding into a relatively small space.

The cub, yet to be named, weighed just 25 ounces at birth, and had to be fed by hand 11 times a day, but now weighs in at 37 pounds.

The next step in the bear’s development will be finding him a name. The zoo is currently accepting suggestions on its website and Facebook page.

You can see pictures of what the bear cub looks like by clicking here (, or watch this video of his behavior at 3 months:

Polar Bear Cub Attacked By Mom Survives, Appears In Public (Video)

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