Thursday, February 9, 2012


REAL oxytocin doesn't come in a jar or a package.

REAL oxytocin should be produced by our brains.

REAL oxytocin looks like this:

and like this:

But most of the time, the production of REAL oxytocin is halted because birth looks like this:

Did you know that every time a c-section happens, the production of oxytocin is stunted?

Did you know that the use of pitocin during labor also undermines the production of natural oxytocin?

Did you know that every time they inject Pitocin into a birthing mother, or force her into an induction or c-section, they are undermining her ability to love her baby? And also her baby's ability to experience authentic love throughout its life!!

Maybe that's why so many people are addicted to the drug oxycodone! They are seeking what they should innately be able to feel but cannot due to brain damage from the trauma of technological birth.

"...Oxytocin -- not to be confused with the highly addictive pain killer oxycodone -- is critically important to a pregnant woman because it is partly responsible for the nourishment and cuddling she is likely to give her child...

Although not fully understood, several studies show just how powerful the hormone can be. Scientists at Bar-Ilan University in Israel measured the natural levels of oxytocin throughout the entire pregnancy, and the postpartum month, of 62 women. The researchers also measured such things as gaze, touching, talking, and showing affection toward the child during the first month of life.

They found a clear correlation between the levels of oxytocin and the amount of attention each new mother paid to her baby. The first trimester of the pregnancy turned out to be the most important because higher levels of the hormone during that period coincided with much more bonding and affection after the birth...

A Love Drug? Oxytocin Hormone Makes Mothers Kinder

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