Thursday, February 9, 2012


It brings me to tears what humans do to animals.


From the facebook album "Animal Shame"

Palm oil companies pay $100 dollars for locals to kill orangutans

This orangutans home was destroyed, she wandered into this village looking for food. She was beaten and chained up and locked up in this cage without food or water.

The mother did not survive but the baby is been looked after by international animal rescue.

The orangutan tries to protect her baby as she is surrounded by the knife-bearing killers. READ THE STORY HERE

The plight of a baby orangutan rescued from plantation workers in Borneo has exposed the high price these endangered primates are paying for the production of palm oil. The 2-3 year old female was found hogtied to a pole and had clearly been brutally beaten. Covered in cuts and bruises, she was also severely dehydrated and emaciated after being starved for days or even weeks. A second young female was in a similar condition. According to the plantation workers the young orangutans' mothers had been caught, killed and eaten.

International Animal Rescue's team was told that an even younger orangutan had been caught but escaped from the workers. At less than a year old, he would stand practically no chance of surviving in the wild and is likely to have already been killed or is being kept in captivity as a pet on the plantation.

She is in safe hands now.

Please watch the video of the orangutan mother and baby rescued at the last minute from one of the gangs this week.

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