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Yay!!! Go Fairfax! The is courageous and powerful! We tried to do this on Long Island, but the Suffolk County Board of Health were too chicken to adopt the resolution!

Posted by Mobile Tribune
"If chemtrails are a hoax or a conspiracy then it's pulling in a lot of credible people. On January 11, 2012 the Fairfax City Council adopted Resolution No. 12-07 , "a Resolution of the Town Council of Fairfax declaring Fairfax a Chemtrail-Free Zone." Understand, this is an instance of an American city government weighing in on the subject of chemtrails, acknowledging their existence and letting it be known they don't want spraying over their city.This is not made-up. You can see their Resolution on their website

One of the main problems with calling chemtrails a hoax or conspiracy is the fact that whatever those planes are doing they aren't trying to hide it. The planes are always spotted in broad daylight and most typically on very clear, sunny days. It's not like UFO's flying under the cover of night, darting in and out of airspace.

Mobile Tribune understands there are people in this world who are ill with a disease we call GCS or Government Conspiracy Syndrome. They think the government is out to get citizens and spend most of their waking hours investigating reports of such. However, just because there are such people does not mean there cannot be instances of government or private enterprise secrecy in regard to these aircraft and the trails they leave behind.

Many people know or understand the flight patterns in their area. Commercial and private aircraft are rigorously scheduled and monitored by the FAA. The question of chemtrails arises when one or more aircraft are spotted along with a pattern of trails that has become a hallmark of what are called chemtrails - a cross or checkerboard pattern of smoke. They might be seen in the middle of the day or at a time when people who are keen to observe closely, don't normally see aircraft in their area.

I personally spotted such a plane a few weeks ago in Mobile,Alabama. What struck me as unusual was the plane was accelerating upward but unlike other aircraft one is used to seeing, it did not level out at a certain altitude and then appear to head in some direction or destination. It appeared to me to have as it's sole purpose just flying around in that one area, and several miles of the blue sky were arrayed with the trails of the plane. The cross shape was apparent. It didn't make sense to me and it made me think about chemtrails. Does that make me a bad person, spreading a hoax, a conspiracy? Because I wonder about something that appears unusual and other people are doing the same thing? At the very least - regardless of whether chemical trails are involved- it is a fact that aircraft are sometimes in the sky with no apparent destination in progress and always with the white cross-shape trails that linger for an hour, sometimes longer. Many people report the aircraft as unmarked.

Please understand I am a dyed in wool skeptic and have not been convinced of the existence of UFO's. But, I am considering chemtrails or as they are more acceptably being called "geo-engineering."

And yes, I understand there are people out there who take advantage of any situation and jump aboard the chemtrail controversy for money and other reasons. Just because you find a website or youtube video on chemtrails does not mean the material they present is authentic or their intentions are good.

The most convincing argument against chemtrails and in favor of contrails ( condensation as opposed to chemicals) is Wikipedia. The Wikipedia article on chemtrails is strong, supported by a number of well-known individuals and organizations. There is a considerable wall of dissent against the existence of chemtrails. I keep an open mind,and I could be convinced in either direction at this point. I currently lean in direction of yes, chemtrails and that the government of several countries are involved.

What it would take to really convince me . . .a video from start to finish of a chemtrail process. I would want to see the planes entering the sky from a noted location. I would like to see the aircraft enter airspace, conduct the spraying and then leave airspace. Does anyone have one of those videos? -Preston Brady III,"

4656-Fairfax,California adopts resolution declaring the town a Chemtrail-Free Zone

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