Saturday, February 18, 2012


"Congratulations chemtrail activists! The chemtrail photos that you sent to CBS Atlanta resulted in a follow-up broadcast, titled “Poisoned by Planes?”, that was a much better piece than the first one. The latest news broadcast (see the video below) starts out with the following words: “It’s a story that has thousands of people talking tonight. We never imagined the huge response that we would get when we aired a story about what some say is a sinister government conspiracy.“ Never mind that we are called “conspiracy theorists” in the broadcast. Never mind that the story cited several debunkers. Every time that there is news report on mainstream media covering chemtrails-geoengineering, it raises awareness. It causes more and more people to look up and question what they seeing in the sky. This is good progress!

At the end of the broadcast, CBS Atlanta asked us to send even more chemtrail photos. I urge you to do so. Be sure to include your name, location, and a brief description of your personal story. It’s very important for those of you whose health has been adversely affected to speak out and tell your story. Let us erase any doubts about whether people are getting sick from the toxins that are being sprayed on us. Send your photos and your information to the following (might as well include Fox News, Time Magazine, and Newsweek since we have their email addresses):,,,

In addition, now that we know that our efforts in contacting the media are fruitful, I urge you to continue to contact all of the other major TV news networks: ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC. Click here for detailed, easy-to-follow, instructions. With your efforts, one of these networks will very soon break the story on national TV about the crimes against humanity that are being committed in the skies and around the world."

Emailing Chemtrail Photos to CBS Atlanta Had a Huge Impact

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