Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Recently, there has been a vast amount of media coverage exposing many leading stores sexualizing children through the marketing of inappropriate clothing. Mini skirts, crop tops, and sexy under-wear for primary school children, even high heels for toddlers fill the shelves, leaving parents shocked and outraged.

One little girl Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise, is often seen teetering around in high heels whilst wearing bright red lip gloss at the tender age of five. In fact this very young child even has her own ‘fashion blog’, showing interested readers her vast array of tiny high heels whilst sharing her latest fashion tips.

Whilst many parents appear outraged by this seemingly blatant sexploitation of such a young child and are sharing their feelings of disgust on various blogs around the internet, the same emotion evades parents completely when it comes to vaccination. Parents are only too happy to have their little darlings vaccinated with the latest must have vaccine for sexually transmitted diseases and happily sign consent forms without giving it a second thought.

Why is it, that there is not the same level of disgust and outrage when drug companies recommend children from birth vaccinations for sexual diseases? Don’t American parents realize that the government has mandated a vaccination for a venereal disease at birth?

In fact Dr Judith Reisman goes as far as to say these vaccines are little more than ‘condoms in the veins’.

The US government insists that children are vaccinated with the Hepatitis B vaccine on the day that they are born. Hepatitis B is a STD or SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE therefore, it is highly unlikely that a tiny baby is going to come into contact with this disease unless they have shared needles, had sex with an infected person or has received contaminated blood..."

Drug Companies Are Sexualizing Our Kids!

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