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This is a very beautiful story that reveals very beautiful truths. The power of human love and intention can neutralize and nullify the chemical poisons and genetic modification of foods.

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"...I did not have the equipment to do this at the time Lemon Tree arrived, so I brought her, at Ron�s request, to the woman who was doing my own personal scanning for me. We checked Lemon for genetic engineering, pesticides, chemicals, etc. and found high levels of it all. I brought her home and promptly threw her in the garbage. Up-ended her, smashing her in with the other garbage, and twisting the pot in my hands before I closed the garbage can lid. I was angry at the fact it (the genetic engineering) was not being openly revealed by the nursery company we purchased from, in their catalog. Then I set about washing dishes.

About ten minutes later, my husband came storming in the house, racing as fast as he could. �WHERE�S MY PLANT!!??� What plant? Which plant is your plant? We had lots of plants delivered, which plant do you mean? �SHE�s CRYING!! WHERE IS SHE??� He raced through the house, looking for Lemon Tree. I told him she was in the garbage. Her scan revealed, as I suspected, she was indeed genetically engineered, or GMO as we call it.

WELL. He pulled her out of the garbage, tears in is eyes, and proceeded to verbally lace into me like I�d never experienced from him before. His voice ... usually deep and steady ... was shrill. �How could you do this?? Would you do this to a person who was handicapped? She didn�t ask for this � she doesn�t know what is happening to her, it�s not her fault! Now you APOLOGIZE and take care of her!!!� And LOTS more choice words.

Okaaaay. I will. And, he left me in the kitchen, with a squashed Lemon Tree he had pulled out of the garbage, with instructions to apologize to that plant and take care of it. He was not the kind of person who talked to plants, and neither was I. (Remember, at that point, we had just begun to read about Anastasia and learn about co-creating.) But I found myself with what sounded like a divorce threat, and a plant in the kitchen to nurse back to health.

Soooo, I did. Gaining my composure after that episode, I began to talk to the plant.
After a few days, I grew accustomed to her and looked forward to my time talking to her and working with her. As time went on, I decided to continue to get her scanned
and see how she was doing � after all, she was definitely looking much better.

Here is where the story will have to be fast forwarded a bit. What followed was weeks of talking to and taking care of Lemon Tree, with successive scans showing that the genetic engineering was diminishing and she was returning to normal, becoming the plant she was meant to be. The scanning program had special software that allowed the communication of the plant to �speak� to humans, through the readings. She was, at first, indeed confused, and wanted to �understand crying� (her words, not mine). How did Ron know she was crying!? She was! She communicated
that she wanted to understand her purpose. Whoa. What a tremendous insight.

As time went on, and both Ron and I talked with her, felt emotions in our heart
for her, and took care of her, she blossomed � literally. Her scan at that time indicated she was happy to have �the energy of spring�, and she showed it by her
babies! She made lemons for us, and to honor her, we ate them. We told her what her purpose was (we were continuing to read the Ringing Cedars books, actually probably had finished them for the first time by then and was reading them the second time, and knew so much more then, to tell her! ) and we told her that we knew how special she was. We did not have to have HOPE for the world. We KNEW now how � and why � the world would be saved. By co-creating. By feeling in our hearts and communicating with the plants, helping them to understand exactly why they were here and what their purpose was � which is what the perpetrators of genetic engineering are trying to circumvent, and prevent.

We knew now that the world did not need �hope�, a far-off wish.

In our co-creation with Lemon Tree, our heart felt communication with her, she changed. She threw off the cloak, the chains, of her genetic engineering, and she became again a �whole� plant. She indicated in her scans she finally understood what her purpose was. She was changed! She was no longer confused. She knew what she was, and why. If SHE could do it, EVERY plant on Earth can do it � with the heart-felt communication from Man!

We, Man, can co-create and we KNOW now that we can eliminate the dark forces plans, and we KNOW now Anastasia�s dream world is already here. Lemon Tree, The KNOW Of The World. We don�t need HOPE, we KNOW we will change the way things are going, by fulfilling Anastasia�s inspiration in us � by co-creating our SPACE OF LOVE..."

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