Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Anonymous Message to NATO

"...The responsibility for that content can be placed solely at the doorstep of policymakers who, like any corrupt entity, naively believed that they were above the law and that they would not be exposed. Alot of government and corporate content has been dedicated to how we can avoid a similar leak in the future. Such advice ranges from better security to lower levels of clearance, from harsher penalties for whistleblowers, to censorship of the press.

Our message is simple. Do not lie to the people. Do not make corrupt deals and you won't have to worry about your corruption being laid bare. Do not break the rules which you enforce upon the people. You know you do not fear us because we are a threat to society. You fear us because we are a threat to the established hierarchy.

Anonymous has proven over the last several years that a hierarchy is not necessary in order to achieve great things. Perhaps what you truly fear in us is the realization of your own irrelevance in an age which has outgrown its reliance on you. Your true terror is not in a collective of activists, but in the fact that you and everything you stand for, by the changing tides and the advancement of technology, have become outdated.

Finally, do not make the mistake of challenging Anonymous. Do not make the mistake of believing you can stop us. If you cut down one Anon, 10 more will join us, purely out of anger at your trampling of human rights. Your only chance of defeating the movement which binds all of us is to accept it. This is no longer your world. It is our world... the people's world..."

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