Thursday, November 3, 2011


If you are a parent, I ask that you please watch this video and make a note of the ingredients contained in vaccines. Almost every single ingredient is a known toxin and can severely harm your child.


Vaccines contain:

Growth Mediums

- Chicken embryo fiberblasts

- Chick kidney cells

- Mouse brains

- African green monkey kidney (vero) cells

- Human diploid cells cultured from aborted human fetuses


- Aluminum Salts (linked to neurological disorders)

- Squalene (known to cause chronic joint inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis


- Thimerosal (mercury) - known developmental toxin - effects immune system, kidneys, skin, and much more.

- Benzethonium chloride - toxifies the endocrine system

- 2-phenoxyethanol - developmental and reproductive toxin. Chemically similar to antifreeze.

- Phenol - suspected blood, developmental, liver, kidney, neuro, reproductive, respiratory, skin and sense organ toxin.

Vaccines and Overdosed Babies

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