Monday, November 21, 2011


This is totally awesome!
"Fresh is the concept for an organic, living supermarket in cities and villages, were instead of taking the items off the shelf, the customer harvests the produce directly from raised beds.

A system that works along with nature rather than against it.

By harvesting, the customer contributes to the work of producing to such a large extend that the produce can be offered at a never before seen quality and low charge. It’s almost for free. This is what you may call a win win win win situation!

Man is the only creature that has to pay for living on planet earth. All other creatures get their food directly from nature and the ecosystems they are part of. We share many essential conditions for life with both plants and animals. We share for instance soil, water, air and sun light. Our food comes from nature, and the only reason why we process our food is business. We grow our food in rows on fields. We remove weeds, harvest, store, package, transport and sell our food to process it further.

The system is designed out of economic interest and thus fails to address the fundamental values of food. During the production, the essential living conditions for the actual crops are removed. The crops therefore turn sick and are affected by various diseases and pests, which subsequently are controlled with poison. As the produce finally appears in the shelves of the supermarkets, it lacks the quality of proper food.

All processing of food diminishes its quality, whether it is the tilling of the soil or the processing of the actual crop. Nutrients diminish from the moment of harvest, so that the food, once it is delivered to the customer in the supermarket has lost most of its nutritional value.

A highly productive place offering the most fresh and healthy produce at low and sustainable cost.

An experimental site for the conceptual development of urban farming systems for the future.

A centre for exchange of knowledge in growing systems, companion planting, plant’s interactions with nature and their use for man.

A centre for courses offered to schools, institutions, associations, companies and private people.

…with courses in food preparation, nutrition, herbs, medicine, cosmetics, growing systems, and the use of plants….

To be established

A raised bed area in a forest garden environment for intensive cropping and self harvest.

A place to experience and teach ecology.

The physical framework for education in plants, healthy food and medicine.

Literally, an experience of growing with nature, the discovery of old and new crops in mixed setting with plants and animals, where people can become part of the system...

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