Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am glad this type of awareness is finally coming forth. It seems clear to me that infant swaddling goes against all primal instincts... instincts that would normally tell us to hold our babies, breastfeed our babies, wear our babies, etc. There is no other species that would restrict the movement of its young. Only humans do this, probably because only humans have ventured so far from the natural path of primal birth and parenting.

As someone who has been studying pre- and perinatal psychology for almost a decade, my intuitive thought about swaddling is that it will leave the child with a long-standing imprint of powerlessness -- since he or she does not even have dominion over moving his/her own body at will. My sense is also that swaddled babies may be going into a mild form of parasympathetic shock when swaddled. Their system is shutting down to deal with the insult and this is why they "fall asleep" - or disassociate, depending on how you look at it.

Now, even more awareness is being brought forth of the dangers of infant swaddling.

Isn't it time we listened to our LOVE instincts?

"...For even more coverage of the subject, read Mohrbacher’s exceptional critique of swaddling and debate with Dr Karp on its merits in the International Journal of Childbirth Education. She looks at alarming research: Swaddling newborns delays the first breastfeeding and leads to less effective sucking. Swaddling during the early months puts an infant at risk for respiratory illness, hip dysplasia, overheating and SIDS. And, finally, a small, 2010 study showed The Happiest Baby interventions ineffective in reducing crying..."

Swaddling - A Second Look

"...Improper swaddling may lead to hip dysplasia or developmental dysplasia of the hip. When in the womb the baby's legs are in a fetal position with the legs bent up and across each other. Sudden straightening of the legs to a standing position can loosen the joints and damage the soft cartilage of the socket..."