Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is a fantastic article regarding how to heal uterine or bladder prolapse and keep the pelvic floor healthy.

"Once a woman has undergone prolapse surgery, her risk of developing further prolapse is 500% greater than the general population. Prolapse surgeries have a 30-50% repeat surgery rate. 40+% of post surgery women have some level of incontinence, and 10% suffer from fecal incontinence. (9) In summary, pelvic organ surgery is largely experimental, and highly unsuccessful...

‎"C-sections are probably more damaging than ‘unnatural’ vaginal births, as they are actually cutting the uterus off it’s attachments to the bladder, removing it from the woman’s body to perform stitches, then putting it back in the mother. “This yields anything but prevention from prolapse and incontinence. It has been estimated that seven to nine women would have to deliver by caesarean to prevent one woman from having a disorder of pelvic organ support.”(11) So, the best thing to do in pregnancy and birth is to go as natural as possible, and follow the body’s leads, rather than listening to outside influences, who don’t necessarily know what is going on inside you..."

Incontinence, Prolapse & Pelvic Floor Health