Thursday, November 24, 2011


"...More than 1 in 10 Americans are now taking suicide-linked antidepressants, and that number continues to climb as half of all Americans are expected to be diagnosed with at least one mental illness in their lifetime. Foster children are being given these drugs in excessive doses in unison with powerful tranquilizers, all in an attempt to make them more manageable for foster workers.

For years it has been known that foster children are among the most abused in the world, and mind-altering pharmaceutical abuse may be one of the worst kinds of such abuse..."

Foster Children Given Harmful Antipsychotics and Tranquilizers as Frequently as Mentally Disabled

"...Psychotropic medications are intended to combat or ease the symptoms of behavioral and mental health problems, but among children in foster care, these drugs are being prescribed at excessive levels and often for inappropriate reasons.

The reasons behind the trend may be simple, but the consequences of inappropriate prescription drug use can be tragic. Researchers cite many cases of children in the foster care system who are grossly overmedicated, irresponsibly medicated, or feel imprisoned rather than cared for while being regularly dosed with an indiscriminate cocktail of psychotropic drugs..."

The mass overmedication of foster children with psychiatric drugs

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