Friday, October 28, 2011


In the words of Bruce Lipton:

"...Science has recognized that the world is facing the sixth mass extinction of life on this planet. Five times in the history of the planet, life essentially got wiped out and started all over again. The previous five mass extinctions were attributed to things like comets to asteroids hitting the earth and ending the environment and just essentially devastating life. We are now, according to science, very clearly into the sixth mass extinction of life. We are losing species of organisms faster than ever before, and that will include us in this extinction process. Why this is important and relevant to us right now is that science also has demonstrated that the reason behind the sixth mass extinction is human behavior... the fundamental behaviors that are precipitating this problem are not our conscious creative wishes and desires, they are more or less primarily the subconscious programs, many of which were downloaded into our minds even before we were born. We were being programmed from the last trimester of pregnancy through especially the first six years, so this pre- and perinatal period is profound. Medicine has in fact just recently come to the conclusion that... The illnesses that we face as adults -- cancer, obesity, Alzheimers -- were seeded during the first six years of our lives. So this becomes profoundly important because our adult issues were actually all stemming from that very important prenatal and perinatal period… And so this is why I think it’s necessary that the APPPAH group (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) really start to become more worldly recognized because of the powerful role of this total period of pre- and perinatal life in programming who we are and consequently programming civilization’s fate..."

I would argue that we are being programmed from the moment of our conception - perhaps even before conception - based on the consciousness, intentions, and emotional and spiritual maturity of our parents.

Listen to the entire interview on KWMR radio (Marcy Axness, William Emerson, and Bruce Lipton) by clicking on the audio bar at this link.