Saturday, October 29, 2011


"...Today I am reading the Bolen Report which, on 10/04/11, started publishing part 1 of this 3 part groundbreaking series that declares the CDC has known since at least 2002 that thimerosal (mercury) containing vaccines contributed to the rise in autism. Not surprisingly, after Danish researcher Dr. Paul Thorsen fled the country with millions of dollars in stolen research money, his study would turn out to be a complete fraud. Lies, withheld data and more have been revealed, proving what so many of us have known for years. Vaccines cause autism!

So isn’t this what we’ve been waiting for, fighting for, screaming for? Can’t we all sleep well knowing that the truth has come out and lives will be spared? So why do I feel worse than ever? Because the truth is, through all my rantings and carrying on, through all my fighting of the good fight…I just want my son back.

I would gladly sacrifice the knowledge of any of this to hear my son speak, to see him write his name, to have him run up to me after school and ask if his friend can come over for a play date. I just want my boy. I don’t want to be smart, or insightful or clever or wag my finger and say “I told you so.”

I want my boy, I want my boy, I WANT HIM!! I just want him! I want him healthy, I want him to feel good. I don’t want to watch him slapping his head because the inflammation causes chronic headaches. I don’t want at age 6 to see him still walking on his toes and flapping his arms, or screeching for no apparent reason—or to do yet another round of anti-fungals, for yet another yeast overgrowth, for a still distended belly, caused by more constipation...

I commend us all, the parents of the vaccine injured who throw off the shackles of fear and speak openly and truthfully. Horribly painful stories I have heard. I sympathize and usually empathize but in the end, I just want my boy. I want Aydan. I want him back.

Will the acknowledgement of the truth change the past? Can I have my son back now? If I remain a hard working devoted mother and a good little activist will he come back to me? Will he?

Oh and please don’t give me pity, please don’t compliment me for my or tell me all the lives I will save or the people I have spared this pain. Don’t get me wrong, I care.. I care about them all. I want a different world more than anyone can imagine; I want to save my son for a purpose. I do not see the logic in bringing up a well adjusted child to a maladjusted world..."

A Mother’s Description of Watching Her Son Slide into Autism After Vaccine…and She Wants Her Son Back.

The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are and Has Covered It Up

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