Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wow! Fabulous link to learn about the birth statistics for NYC hospitals. Check out New York Presbyterian Hospital - New York Weill Cornell Center 96.4% epidural rate and 48.8% episiotomy rate (yikes!!!). Check out also New York Presbyterian Hospital - Columbia Presbyterian Center C-Section rate of 42%!!! Scary.

Looks like SVCMC-St Vincents Manhattan has the lowest c-section rate at 26.4%. Still quite high.

More extremely disturbing c-section statistics from New York/Long Island Hospitals. Gulp!
Long Island (Good Samaritan 52.4%),
Staten Island (Richmond 46)
Westchester (Lawrence Hospital - 52.5%).
Manhattan (Columbia is at 42%,) (NY Hospital is at 39.6% - which is low
for them!), (Lenox is at 39.9%)
- from Choices in Childbirth

And SUNY Downstate, in Brooklyn, is 49.1%!

One ray of hope is that the Medicaid Redesign Team is considering limiting Medicaid coverage for inductions and C-sections before 39 weeks. Maybe this could begin to help change the zeitgeist...
- from Mary-Powel