Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dear Friends and Family! The following words were written by my friend Billa from the Ringing Cedars Revolution. I felt them to be so wise, that I wanted to share them with you.

As someone who spent many decades smoking pot, feeling depressed and lethargic, and never seeming to get anything of significance accomplished, Billa's words make a great deal of sense to me. I invite you to consider them also, and determine how much, if any, truth you can find within them.

Billa writes:

"I am all for medicinal marijuana - hemp oil is a gift from nature, like all other plants... but that doesnt include smoking it. Smoking herbs should be only used for extremely sacred ceremonial purposes in the presence of true indigenous elders and shamans. Putting fire to plants changes their properties to become etheric/ astral and that is a realm our modern culture does not have the capacity to hold safe space for. Let us educate our children to the true way to interact with the plant world. Experimenting is dangerous and we have lost too many beautiful souls into the abyss."

"Plants as they grow in nature are in the earth element as the creator has designed, in the wholeness of their expression with all elements present. Putting fire to them reduces their expression to only the air element and only their etheric/astral qualities remain but also nowchanged and affected by the fire element which makes it an all together different expression than the creators design. A distortion.

And what is missing then is the water element which is the essence of LIFE that makes all things connect and whole between spirit and creation which is why people become disconnected, lost and out of touch with life either partially or wholly and fall into the abyss. Only shamans who know how to stay safe in this realm should be conducting such ceremonies.

People who smoke have too much "fire" in their livers usually and stored astral energies in their kidneys - besides the residues of smoke in their lungs. They are easily aggressive and can behave psychotic because things are out of balance and their astral field which is the blue print for the physical body is damaged. There is much activity in the astral field before it can receive the holy blessing of a physical life, and "playing with fire" by smoking literally inhales the astral (air element field) into ones body, inviting all sorts of uninvited energies that haven't gone through the conscious birth process into being. (hitchhikers)

Water is the cure... lots of it. flush flush flush flush."