Monday, September 26, 2011


Please vote for Robin Lim to be CNN's hero of the year. Robin is doing such amazing work for the well-being of babies and all of humanity. Please vote today, and keep voting everyday.

And here's a special message from Mary Jackson and Ray Castellino:

Mary Jackson and Ray Castellino are asking you to help Guerilla Midwife Robin Lim help the world. Vote for her as a CNN HERO at Vote everyday 10 times.
Robin Lim a most awesome midwife and human being has made the top 10 CNN Heros for the year. If she wins she will receive a prize that will help her build a new birth clinic to continue her work and provide an alternative to the Bali hospital system that denies proper care to babies of poor people who can not pay for the hospital bill. . . the hospitals keep the babies and only allow the family in two times a day 20 mins for feeding and changing. Then if they are still not able to pay the hospital bill the baby is put out for adoption. Robin is providing amazing care for families in Bali and doing disaster relief work through out the world.

Hearty thanks to all of you who are voting for Robin

You can vote 10 times a day for the next days. Please vote to support Robin's work: