Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today is my birthday. This morning, as I watched the video below, I began to think -- birthday's should really be marked at the point of conception. When we focus on a birthday as the day a person comes out of the womb, it is as if we are denying all of the significant life experience that took place for that person during the first nine months leading up to emergence from the womb.

Of course, most people have no idea when they conceive their babies because babies, in our culture, are typically conceived haphazardly. It is a rare couple, indeed, that consciously chooses to bring forth life and that brings their bodies together for this express purpose. Most acts of "union" are for the purpose of achieving a physically satisfying experience. Very few are for the purpose of co-creation with the divine.

So yes, our culture is very much focused on the physical and the fleshy. And we see this in prenatal care" as well as pregnancy and childbirth classes that focus on the physical dynamics of the gestation and birth process with very little attention being paid to emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs of the parents and the unborn child.

So this year, I commit to bringing forth a totally new paradigm in pregnancy and childbirth preparation and education -- a paradigm that honors the significance of life before birth and supports the emergence of conscious conception, trauma-free pregnancy, gentle birth, and conscious parenting.

Here's to a cultural revolution in consciousness. I commit to playing my part.

This video has some amazing animation, but the music - to me - is unsettling, andhuman love appears to be absolutely missing from the story.

A reflection of the times.

Another example of our cultural focus on the physical.

Did u know how u born Amazing animation!!