Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is awesome! Please watch.


‎"One really cannot blame the puppet leaders, nor even the criminal banksters that control them, because ultimately its all happening simply because the people are going along with it. It's all about free will. It's all about whether you choose to allow this situation to continue, or whether you choose to shake-off the TV-induced apathy, spread the word, and stand up and say NO!"

"One may pause to wonder how we ever let it get this far. How did we ever let the world fall into the situation it is now in? The entire system is completely corrupt. It is corrupt in every single way. Wars are created by design. Whole nations are decimated for the sake of corporate interests. Our food is poisoned with toxins. Our water supply is filled with toxic waste under the pretext that it's keeping our teeth healthy. Whole countries are brought to their knees for the sake of profit while most people fail to even admit that there is a problem."