Friday, September 9, 2011

HEALING BIRTH TRAUMA - 3 Day Tri-State Workshop - Oct. 14-16

Attention: Mothers, Fathers, Birth Trauma Survivors, Midwives, Doulas, Childbirth Professionals, Those Who Have Experienced C-Section, Postpartum Depression, Miscarriage, NICU Babies, Perinatal Losses, and Those Who Want to Heal and Help Others Do the Same

Birth of a New Earth is pleased to announce its latest evolutionary endeavor – a brand new educational/experiential workshop designed to help people heal from the far-reaching effects of birth trauma. If you are one of the millions of people who is suffering through the aftermath of a difficult birth, then you’ll be glad to know that truly meaningful support is now available to you.

Current studies indicate that one in ten new mothers in the U.S. meet the formal criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder. Larger numbers still are struggling with postpartum depression (dads suffer too) and are having difficulty breastfeeding and bonding with their babies. Infants are also showing signs of extreme distress through escalating rates of respiratory problems, sleep disorders, feeding and digestive challenges, and a variety of neurological and behavioral dis-ease.

According to a study done by William Emerson, pioneer in the treatment of prenatal and birth trauma, 95% of American hospital births are considered traumatic, with 50% rated as moderately traumatic, and 45% rated as SEVERELY TRAUMATIC. This extremely high level of hospital birth trauma may be at the root of a deep cultural malaise that is causing unspeakable pain for our families and our species, and even a breakdown in human love.

If you or someone you care about has experienced or is now experiencing any of the following, then this workshop may be of tremendous benefit to you.

- Were you or your baby exposed to harsh, painful, or degrading interventions during pregnancy, birth, or immediately after birth?

- Did you feel like you were “bullied” by your care provider or hospital staff into unwanted interventions and/or that your birth plan was undermined or even ignored?

- Did/do you feel like you lost control of your birth or like your birth was “stolen”?

- Did you have an unwanted episiotomy?

- Did you give birth through an unwanted c-section?

- Were you separated from your baby at birth and/or did your baby need to spend time in a neonatal intensive care unit?

- Did you miscarry or give birth to a stillborn child or a child that died soon after birth?

- Are you having trouble breastfeeding and/or bonding with your baby?

- Are you having nightmares and/or difficulty sleeping?

- Has it been difficult for you to “get back to normal?”

- Are you suffering from postpartum depression or feelings of uncontrollable grief or anger?

- Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself or your child?

- Is your mind cycling around the same repetitive and disturbing thoughts, with no apparent relief from the intensity?

- Are you experiencing unusual sensitivity to noise or shakiness from outside stimulation?

- Are you feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of parenting or do you fear you cannot properly care for your child?

- Did your marriage or relationship begin to breakdown after the birth of your child?

- Do you feel suicidal?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then please consider joining us for an incredible weekend of healing and transformation. This workshop is designed to support people in naming and understanding what has happened to them, and in coming to a deeper knowing of how things went wrong. Much of what is offered to us through the maternity care system is detrimental to our well-being and is causing deep scars in our psyches and in the psyches of our children, family members, and our species as a whole. It is time we make sense of what is going on.

Participants in this series will be invited to share their own personal stories in a safe and sacred container, and we will use drumming, chanting, ritual, and song to help release painful memories and return our system to joy. Everyone will be introduced to a powerful, non-invasive, healing modality that is based in self-care and can be gently and effectively used for the healing and resolution of birth trauma (Jin Shin).

Participants will be empowered to become their own best healer and will learn how quickly and easily they can return their system to balance and calm. All will leave the workshop with very specific, hands-on techniques that they can use to support themselves and their families. Doulas and other childbirth professionals will be gifted with an amazing tool that they can use to support clients who may be suffering from the after-effects of birth trauma.

Men and women alike are invited to participate in this sacred circle of sharing and transformation as we explore our past and reclaim our right to experience a love-filled life and a supremely pleasurable birth.

Drums and other percussion instruments are welcome.

NOTE: Healing past birth trauma prior to the birth of another child has been shown to be extremely beneficial in minimizing the possibility of complications during the next birth.

WHEN: October 14 – Introductory Lecture - 7:00-9:30pm;
October 15-16 - Full Workshop -- 11am-6pm

WHERE: Seventh Moon, 38 Highland Road, Montvale, NJ

COST: $30 Introductory Lecture; $297 for Full Workshop

NOTE TO DOULAS: DONA has accredited this workshop for 5 CEU's. If you are a doula and would like to receive continuing education credits for your participation in this workshop, please let us know by requesting them at time of registration by e-mailing

For additional info please e-mail

Facilitated by Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.
Co-facilitators: Lisa Sandhusen Repasky and Dan Goldberg

Jeanice Barcelo is a birth doula and independent childbirth educator who specializes in the healing and prevention of birth trauma. She is an international speaker, a TV and radio show host, and the creator of the Birth of a New Earth Curriculum - a curriculum designed to support conscious procreation. Jeanice offers prenatal and birth trauma counseling and healing, doula support, educational seminars and teacher trainings, as well as workshops and programs designed especially for men. She can be reached through her website at: or by e-mailing

Lisa Sandhusen Repasky is a post partum doula, a bellydance performer and instructor, a conscious conception specialist, and a graduate of the Birth of a New Earth Teacher Training. She is the creator of BellyMamas - Prenatal Bellydance Fitness, and she offers private classes and coaching, post partum doula services, interactive motivational speaking and performances, parenting education and women’s circles and group facilitation. She can be reached through her website at: or by e-mailing

Dan Goldberg is a Jin Shin Practitioner, a Certified Nutritionist, Applied Kinesiologist, Body Alignment Therapist, and Body Talk Practitioner. For 14 years, he ran the largest Holistic center of its kind on Long Island specializing in Cleansing, Detoxification and Colon Hydrotherapy. Dan has studied and practiced a wide variety of healing modalities, including Reiki and Quantum Reflex Analysis, and his personal path and passion has always been helping people find the deepest levels of health and healing possible. To learn more about Dan, please e-mail

***PLEASE NOTE: For a small additional fee, Dan Goldberg will be available throughout the weekend offering private 30 minute Jin Shin treatments to those who feel they need additional support.