Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This just in! In the words of a male obstetrics nurse:
"Today my OB clinical instructor said that if the PT refuses to be pitted then they call the doc and get it OKed against her will. Wow, I am really getting educated!"

Wow is right!!! Did we hear that correctly? If a "patient" refuses to receive pitocin -- which we know causes a breakdown in human love and bonding, increases the pain and intensity of labor, causes fetal distress, and much more -- if a woman refuses this intervention, the medical staff will deliberately override her wishes and give it to her anyway!!!

And here's more from the same male nurse:

"OK, you all need to understand the doula is the enemy and the hospital staff will find any reason to kick them out."

"Secondly, if the woman's health is in danger and the nurse has doctor's authorization, anything can be overridden, so as to do no harm - or the woman has to leave the hospital in her present condition."

"The hospital decides when you should have the baby, as soon as you have signed the papers, and the woman must realease all control essentially."

Still think hospital birth is the safest option?

Think again.

PS - The mother in this picture is walking around with her "umbilical cord to the hospital." (Thanks to Robbie Floyd Davis for coining this phrase). This mother is actually experiencing a form of cognitive dissonance wherein her mind is telling her that the hospital -- and not her -- is responsible for giving birth and that her IV birth partner will somehow benefit her and her baby. Instinctually, she knows these are lies, yet here she is allowing it to happen to her and her baby.

From Phillip Equality Brown - August 31, 2011
"Next clinical I will where my recorder in my pocket so I can give you proof! 8-) I guess I can be the granola undercover! lol."