Saturday, June 11, 2011


PLEASE NOTE - the quotes below were taken from the following article and NOT from the Time magazine article:

"...early development puts them at greater risk for various problems, including increased risk of cancers, drinking, drug use, eating disorders, behavioral problems and attempted suicide, according to a 2007 report on early puberty by Steingraber. And because early puberty means that girls have estrogen in their bodies over a longer period of time they are at higher risk for developing breast and uterine cancers..."

"Although scientists profess some confusion about what's to blame for the sexual development afflicting the Barbie set, they suspect some of the obvious contenders that the Foundation has been writing about for years. First, there's the problem of pollution by toxins that affect hormonal systems. The water supply, for instance, has become polluted with some of the 30,000-100,000 chemicals used commercially in the US, as well as by pharmaceutical drugs and prescription hormones like HRT, birth control pills, and growth hormones for farm animals.

"We've written repeatedly about the fact that various toxins in common use have estrogenic effects, particularly endocrine disrupters like BPA, which shows up in plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and the lining of many of the canned foods on our shelves. As I've noted, it's the petrochemical-based xenoestrogens in the environment that cause the greatest harm. Not only are these xenoestrogens omnipresent, they are considerably more potent than estrogen made by the ovaries -- some even potent in amounts as small as a billionth of a gram. The body can't produce enough natural progesterone to oppose the xenoestrogens, which leads to a host of severe health problems, including early puberty as well as increased risk of cancers, tumors, weight gain, depression, autoimmune deficiency, and so on.