Thursday, June 16, 2011


"SOME of the state's biggest private hospitals are performing cesareans on more than half the women giving birth in their maternity wards, new figures reveal...

"Caesarean births are recommended as safer options for women

(pic by Doula Patti Ramos - Patti Ramos Photography)

"Several new mothers approached by The Sunday Mail last week said they had been pushed into having caesareans by private hospital obstetricians after initially wanting to give birth naturally.

One Coolum mum, 45, said her obstetrician told her she had "no choice" because the baby would "not fit through my birthing canal".

"I have since been told I should have been offered a physio consultation because a physio could have said if it could be adjusted," she said.

"I just wanted a natural birth, to me that was important. Even if I had been allowed to start labour rather than being told, 'You're booked in and this is the way it is'."Another mum, 26, desperate to avoid a caesarean, said her obstetrician also tried to book an induction because she had passed her due date in the Christmas-New Year period. 'The obstetrician said we can book you in for an induction because we just don't like calling people in on public holidays,' she said."

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