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Oxytocin is the hormone of love and the hormone that allows humans to experience a sense of overall well-being. The secretion of oxytocin is fundamental to the processes of orgasm, birth, and breastfeeding, and is a key component to the experience of an ecstatic and/or orgasmic birth. When oxytocin is released during the birth process, it will activate the neurobiology of love in mom and baby (and dad if he is present) and create an experience of love so profound that it has the potential to preserve love in that family forever.

Photo by Midwife Carol Gautschi

Photo by Doula Patti Ramos

Photo by Angie and Juan deGaytan

Pitocin is the drug most commonly used in the United States to induce and/or speed-up labor. It is an artificial version of oxytocin (i.e., the toxic-chemical kind).

Photo by Doula Patti Ramos

Now.... what do you suppose happens in the brain and body of a woman and her baby who are given pitocin during labor? You guessed it! Their brains and bodies will not produce real oxytocin. THE INTRODUCTION OF ARTIFICIAL OXYTOCIN DURING LABOR PROHIBITS THE BRAIN AND BODY OF BOTH MOM AND BABY FROM MANUFACTURING THE REAL THING.

And.... without oxytocin, neither mom nor baby will experience the neurobiology of love at birth and there will be a break-down in the mother-infant bond, a disruption in mom and baby's capacity to breastfeed, and a missed window of opportunity in the brain development of the child -- a window that allows for the child to develop the neurological capacity to experience authentic love!!!

And guess what else? When pitocin is used, it is highly likely that, instead of experiencing joy and love during the birth process, mom and baby will instead experience the neurobiology of grief!!!!

That's right. The loss of the experience of love at birth causes the mind/body/system to produce the experience of grief instead -- an experience we customarily refer to as "postpartum depression."

Photo by Doula Patti Ramos

And if all of this weren't bad enough, because of the breakdown of human love at birth, it is highly likely the family unit will eventually breakdown -- resulting in divorce and/or dysfunctional parent-child interactions.

And here's something else to consider....

How many people out there have heard about, or know someone personally, that is addicted to the drug called "oxycotin?" Oxycotin is a synthetic version of oxytocin. Millions of people are becoming addicted to oxycotin BECAUSE THEIR BRAINS AND BODIES ARE UNABLE TO PRODUCE THE REAL THING!!!! Every human being longs for the feeling of love and well-being that is our birthright. Yet millions of us are unable to experience it. And instead we are turning to drugs to produce these feelings artificially.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but I'd say there is an overt agenda to prevent humans from experiencing the fullness of who they really are. And frankly, the interventions and drugs used during hospital birth are a key element to the manipulation of the human body/mind/spirit system. We have got to stop handing over our power to the medical establishment and start being responsible for our lives, for our births, and for the lives of our children.

Pitocin is a dangerous drug. It should be avoided during labor whenever possible.

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