Monday, May 31, 2010


Women tend to give birth the way themselves were birthed. Therefore, a woman who is born to parents that deeply loved and wanted her, in an atmosphere of love and support, will hold memories of birth that will assist her to give birth to her own children with ease and joy. On the other hand, a woman who is born in an environment of fear and trauma -- such as a hospital -- or to a mother that was terrified, drugged, and/or unconscious -- will tend to have unpleasant memories of birth which will hinder her capacity to feel safe during the birth process and interfere with her ability to give birth with joy.

Unconscious traumatic memories are held in the system somatically. Although the mind may not remember these early events, the body remembers. During pregnancy and childbirth, these unresolved memories are likely to “activate” and can negatively influence a woman's capacity to give birth with ease.

Traumatic memories cause the body to lock-up in fear during the birth process, which creates pain and makes birth very difficult. Moreover, conditions of the original wounding often get re-created during the birth process (recapitulation) such that a woman may re-experience the trauma of her own birth while simultaneously and unwittingly passing on the wounding to her own child. Thus begins the lineage and legacy of trauma.

One of the most important things women and their partners can do to ensure a gentle and/or ecstatic birth is to make sure they have explored their own prenatal and birth experiences and worked toward healing any unresolved trauma. This work should ideally be done prior to conception and is especially important for people who were born in hospitals. The healing of early trauma enables the spirit/body/mind system to be cleared of negative influences, thus ensuring a much better chance of creating a joyous, love-filled birth.

The influence of unresolved early trauma cannot be overstated. Humans that have endured early trauma often lead very traumatic lives. A brain that has been "wired" for trauma often re-creates that trauma throughout life. We are living in a very traumatic reality precisely because so many of us are suffering from unconscious, unresolved traumatic memories.

All of this could change in one generation if we simply give our full attention to healing our original wounds and teaching future parents to do the same. It is imperative to educate future parents about the impact of early trauma and the importance of breaking the cycle through conscious procreation. Conceiving babies consciously, gestating them in trauma-free wombs, birthing them in the most gentle and loving environments possible, and parenting them in the most loving and supportive way are keys . Babies that are born without trauma will have a much greater neurological capacity to generate a reality of love, which will transform our experience of the Earth dimension and reunite our species with it's original blueprint for love.

GRIEF VS. LOVE - which shall we choose?