Monday, May 31, 2010


This talk focused on the rituals of birth in the United States, with a strong emphasis on the shadow side of birth as it is being played out in American society. From babies being conceived through haphazard or lustful sex, to hospitals clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth and selling our children's placental blood to the highest bidder, to baby boys being ritually sexually violated before they are eight days old by having a piece of their penis cut off, WITHOUT ANESTHESIA... the United States is one of the highest ranking countries engaged in rituals of darkness when it comes to the conception, gestation and birth of our children.

In the U.S., millions of babies are conceived unconsciously, in back seats of cars or other profane environments. Pregnant moms regularly contemplate (or actually have) abortions, while fathers are leaving their families in droves. Parents habitually expose themselves and their unborn children to environmental and emotional toxins, and hospitals are engaged in some of the most violent and abusive protocols and procedures known to humankind during the process of birth. Induction, augmentation, narcotics, pitocin, epidural, anesthesia, fetal heart monitors screwed into babies' heads, vacuums, forceps, episiotomies, c-sections, separating mother and child... the list of abuses seems endless. Clearly, the United States has come very far from honoring the sanctity of childbirth and this is negatively influencing our children, our families, our society and our species.

If humans are to connect with their full spiritual capacity to become conscious co-creators with God, it is imperative that we engage in rituals of love to honor the processes of conception, pregnancy and birth. These rituals should begin before adolescence, such that we find ways to honor the cycles of menstruation in girls and the transition to manhood in boys. Other rituals could include the ceremonial release of traumatic prenatal and birth memories (prior to conception), ceremonies during which we call forth our babies and conceive them consciously, ceremonies to welcome our babies into our wombs, rites-of-passage rituals for parents-to-be (i.e., such as blessingways which honor the transition to parenthood), lotus birth, ceremonial honoring of the placenta, naming ceremonies, ceremonies of welcoming after birth, etc. These types of rituals would not only reinstate the sacredness of birth but would also support the expanded consciousness of incoming souls and the transformation of our species and our planet.

Artwork by Arthur Kip Herring