Monday, May 31, 2010


The latest information about hospitals charging for and/or selling placentas (and placental blood) is absolutely sickening. During the World Birth Summit, powerful indigenous wisdom was brought forth regarding the placenta and its relationship to the human soul. In Bali (and elsewhere), fathers have a very important role to play in protecting the placenta and the placental blood -- and seeing to it that proper spiritual protocol is followed in order to ensure that the child will be protected from the influence of spiritual demons.

This may sound superstitious to some, but with all the reading I have done about the reptilian and satanic influence on our planet, I am convinced that the selling of placentas and placental blood is directly related to the hospital's [perhaps unwitting] compliance in FEEDING the satanic entities who are running our governments and our social institutions. These entities habitually "eat the body and drink the blood" of human beings -- and they are very good at convincing other humans to participate in these sickening satanic rituals (Christians beware!). They favor the body and blood of infants (believing it has more spiritual potency) and are doing these rituals in order to harness the power of innocent humans and manipulate their spiritual consciousness.

This may sound extremely harsh and terrifying to some -- and maybe some will think I'm crazy. But if we are willing to step back and really look at what is happening, a very clear picture begins to emerge.

The cutting of the umbilical cord immediately after birth has no known health benefits and, on the contrary, creates sickly infants with highly traumatized nervous systems. THIS IS INTENTIONAL!

The reason they are cutting the cord immediately after birth is twofold: (i) to gather the placental blood -- blood that should have gone to the baby but instead is going to feed these creatures; and (ii) to traumatize the nervous system of the infant, making it impossible for the neurobiology of love to activate within the child, hindering the child's brain development and its capacity to experience love, and rendering it very difficult for the child to access information through the higher centers of the brain (for spiritual awareness). Trauma-based mind control is the name of the game, and it is used to render humans much more easy to control and manipulate.

THIS is what hospitals are engaged in and it is imperative that we snap out the trance we have been in and wake up to their game.