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Eating foreskins & the Israeli government

"I've previously posted here on the little known practice of Jewish women fighting over freshly severed babies' foreskins, which they would eat in the belief it would help them conceive a male child. But I've recently obtained a Jewish book which gives many details on this form of cannibalism.

Rabbi Toledano published a book in Egypt in 1931 entitled Yam ha-Gadol (which is apparently a name for the Mediterranean Sea), he wrote of Jewish cannibalism: "I saw fit to examine whether the law [prohibiting the consumption] of human flesh is from the Torah, whether this falls under the category of [the Noahide prohibition of the consumption of] a limb from a living creature and [the parallel prohibition of consuming] meat from a living creature, and the halakhic distinction regarding the consumption by women of the foreskin of an infant as a charm for pregnancy, and the like."

"A similar belief and practice was recorded among the women of the Salonikan community: Another means that was considered to be extremely effective against infertility was to have a barren women (sic) swallow the foreskin of an infant close to his circumcision"

"The eating of the foreskin for the sake of [entering] pregnancy is common among the Eastern Jewish communities. In Safed and in Jerusalem, barren Sephardic Jewish women ate the foreskin as a charm for pregnancy. In most instances, the circumcisers were ordered, in advance, by husbands of infertile women to save the foreskins for the latter, for which they [the circumcisers] also were paid. Among the simple masses of Egyptian Jewry, the barren woman would swallow the foreskin so that she would be capable of becoming pregnant. This same practice was also prevalent among the Jewish and Muslim women in Tripoli, in Northern Africa. Among Turkish Jewry, if a woman bore a child once and then ceased to give birth, she would eat a foreskin in order to become pregnant once again.

Traces of this popular practice are to be found in several books of charms: "So that a barren woman will become pregnant, she should swallow the foreskin of an infant who was circumcised" ... or "Take the circumcision of a youth, smear it with honey, and swallow it" ... The swallowing of the foreskin is also efficacious for the birth of a son, specifically: "When the foreskin is excised, women swallow [it], as a charm in order to give birth to males""

The Jewish Life Cycle: Custom, Lore and Iconography: Jewish Customs from the Cradle to the Grave (2008)
By Daniel Sperber

For author's sources see scanned pages
Pages 14-15 and Pages 16-17 ... 0b3c2dbf65

Re: Eating foreskins & the Israeli government
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Jewish cannibals - They fought over who ate the babies' freshly severed foreskin

Professor Ariel Toaff, the son of Rome's former chief rabbi wrote about cannibalism in Judaism in his 2007 book: Blood Passover:

One form of magical cannibalism related to circumcision, may be found in a custom highly widespread among both the Ashkenazi Jewish communities of the Mediterranean region. The women present at the circumcision ceremony but not yet blessed with progeny of the male sex, anxiously awaited the cutting of the foreskin of the child. At this point, throwing inhibition to the winds, as if at a pre-established signal, the women hurled themselves upon that piece of bloody flesh. The luckiest woman is alleged to have snatched it up and gulped it down immediately, before she could be mobbed by the competing females, who must have been no less hardened and highly motivated. The triumphant winner was in no doubt whatever that the proud tit-bit would be infallibly useful in causing the much-coveted virile member to germinate inside the impregnated abdomen through sympathetic medicine. The struggle for the foreskin among women without male progeny appears in some ways similar to today's competition among spinsters and nubile for the conquest of the bride’s bouquet after the wedding ceremony.

Giulio Morosini, alias Shemuel Nahmias, remembered with much annoyance this repellent custom, which he had seen rather in vogue among the young Jewish women of Venice: "The superstition of the women is remarkable in this regard. If sterile women wishing to become pregnant happened, as they frequently did, to be present [at the circumcision ceremony], not a single one of them would hesitate to fight off the others and steal the foreskin; and the first one to grab it never hesitates to fling it in her mouth and swallow it as a sympathetic remedy of extremely great effectiveness in causing her to be fruitful."

Rabbi Shabbatai Lipshütz confirmed this extraordinary custom "of the struggle amongst the women to swallow the foreskin after the cutting of the foreskin, as a wonderful secret (segullah) in the production of male children". He added there were rabbis who permitted it, such as the famous North African cabbalist Chaim Yosef David Azulay, known as the Chidah (the Enigma), and the rabbi from Salonica, Chaim Abraham Miranda, while others energetically prohibited it, considering it a scandalous and impermissible practice (24). But the cabbalistic herb alchemist (Rafael Ohana), expert in the secrets of procreation, although he possessed little skill in gynecological sciences, referred with satisfaction to the results obtained from women having swallowed the foreskin of a circumcised boy, even in recent times. In his guide, intended for women wishing to have children and entitled Mar'eh ha-yaladim ("He Who Shows the Children"), the expert North African rabbi advised that, to make it more appetizing, the unusual dish be covered with honey, like a home-made sweet. The magical and empirical tradition linked to the foreskin of circumcision as a fecundating element was not lost over the course of the centuries, but was protected by the secrets of the practical Cabbalah despite the disdainful opposition of rationalistic rabbis."

Other sources

"Among the Jews of Turkey, a woman who had given birth to one child and then could not conceive again would swallow a prepuce. Several Hebrew books of charms refer to this method of obtaining fertility "For a barren woman, so that she conceive, let her swallow the foreskin of a circumcised child.""
On Jewish Folklore, by Raphael Patai (1983)

"In some Jewish North African and Sephardic communities, barren women swallowed foreskins, sometimes dipped in honey, to promote pregnancy and the birth of sons"

From Abraham to America: A History of Jewish Circumcision, by Eric Kline Silverman (2006)

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Yesterday I posted a picture on facebook of this female psychopath who has agreed to circumcise a very ill one-month-old infant against his mother's wishes. Facebook has seen fit to remove the picture and ban Brother K, the well-known intactivist who originally posted the information, for 30 days. Tthe post that prompted the Jewish controllers of facebook to ban Brother K is pictured below.

The Satanic Jews who control facebook do not want people to know that their Jewdicial system is repeatedly mandating circumcision against parental wishes and is thereby publicly enforcing satanic ritual abuse and the genital torture and mutilation of helpless infants. This same evil system is also stealing children from loving parents and severely harming families in large numbers.

Please copy this photo onto your hard drives and continue to share it widely. Please also call this creature masquerading as a pediatrician and give her a piece of your mind. Let the phones ring all day and night and let the people who live near this Luciferian Temple (oops, I meant medical center) gather to protest against this evil. We cannot allow the Jews to do this to helpless children anymore. We MUST stand against this wicked Luciferian force and I am asking you to please do your part.

The time is now. This insanity must end.


*** BREAKING NEWS *** COURT ORDERS HALT TO CIRCUMCISION *** According to a credible witness on the scene, an Alabama judge has ordered the Shelby County Department of Human Resources to cancel tomorrow's circumcision of the teen mom's one-month-old baby.

ALSO SEE THE FOLLOWING MORE OF THE STORY:¬if_t=like¬if_id=1468289875791755


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Now this is a video everybody ought to watch. In this video, you can watch and listen as the Jews unemotionally discuss their intention to poison millions of German people. In fact, they are sad when their plot to kill SIX MILLION GERMANS (note the Luciferian reversal here) ultimately fails.

In truth, the Jews have been poisoning people for CENTURIES. As far back as Abraham, they were using poisonous plants to make people (and animals) sick and slowly kill them. In the case of Abraham, who went from town to town with his wife Sarah telling everyone she was his sister instead of his wife, they would finagle their way into the compounds of the richest men (usually by Sarah bedding the rich men), and once Sarah was inside the compound, the poisoning would begin and people and animals would begin to get ill and die. Mandrake is thought to be the plant they used to poison everyone. The rich men would then cry out in distress about what was happening to their loved ones and Abraham would tell them everyone was dying because the rich men had violated "god's law" by sleeping with his wife!!!! Never mind that the rich men were LIED TO by Abraham and had no idea Sarah was his wife. They were told she was his sister!

It didn't matter that they were completely deceived and manipulated. The rich men were forced to give Abraham huge amounts of their wealth so that Sarah would stop poisoning everyone. (In the bible, we are told the rich men gave their wealth to Abraham in order to appease Abraham's god). Once Sarah was gone, everyone began to heal and get well. Then the criminal, murdering couple would move on to the next town and do the exact same thing.

Jews have also poisoned the wells of those who they do not like -- and in fact, they are doing that to this very day to the Palestinian people and they are doing it to us by putting poison chemicals like fluoride in our drinking water. They are also spraying poisonous chemicals into our air (chemtrails) and dumping megatons of poisonous chemicals on the Earth (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.). They also masterminded the Luciferian invention called nuclear radiation.

There is no end to the machinations of this evil cult and Mankind had better wake up to the danger.

The Jewish plan to murder six million Europeans

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This article contains some staggering statistics. For example, 33% of American and European men under age 40 are now experiencing porn-induced erectile dysfunction. They have become so addicted to masturbating in front of a screen and having orgasms in a dissociative state, that they are unable to have real relationships with real women or achieve intimacy of any kind. I have discussed this topic at length in my DVD series entitled "Human Sexuality, Pornography and the Attack on Human Love."

Pornography is a weapon of mass destruction. It is being created by Luciferian occultists who cast spells into their "creations" in order to curse people's lives.

Please protect yourself and your family. Do not use pornography. And if you are addicted to watching pornography, please seek help.

Source Article by Pat Barone:
How Porn Wrecks Relationships

With its ready availability on phones and screens, it's bringing more trouble than ever

Pornography seems to be everywhere today — in advertising, on online sites, on phone apps, on screens ad nauseum. And that easy access is challenging the way many couples interact with each other, often with devastating consequences.

Porn has become so prevalent in American culture today that the Society of Human Resource Management estimates 70 percent of porn use occurs at work, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. By using their own phones for it, people don’t have to work through an employer’s internet. In one study, 52 percent of men ages 18 to 30 said they viewed porn at work, while 74 percent of men ages 31 to 49 claimed to view it at work.

That’s a lot of job risk. But another direct impact of all this porn viewing is attracting attention, as doctors and therapists treat an increasing number of men for Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED).

At one point, Tamara Thompson (not her real name), age 30 and from St. Louis, Missouri, didn’t think her online relationship with a handsome physician would ever turn into the real thing. A few weeks later, she wished it hadn’t.

Thompson still describes him as “the most perfect guy I’d ever met.” He was educated, cultured, funny, highly intelligent and extremely good-looking. That description, however, didn’t prepare her for their third date.

“After only a few minutes of kissing, he helped me undress, pushed me on the bed, then arranged my body until it was to his liking. He sat in a chair and began masturbating. At first, I didn’t know what was happening. I slowly realized, as his eyes moved into a constant scanning motion, that to him, I was a body on a computer screen.”

Research is emerging on both sides of the harm/no harm debate about porn, but physicians are also seeing physical evidence of a disassociated user. That’s the man or woman who has ceased to get experiences from life and real partners, and instead is attached to arousal through nameless and often faceless focal objects that can be constantly changed at will.

A study from the Max Planck Institute showed that the pleasure center (the striatum) of the brain is markedly diminished in heavy porn users.

In 1992, only 5 percent of men age 40 and younger reported difficulty getting an erection. The figure is now 33 percent — shown in both European and American studies. A person’s overall health, the presence of obesity, and drug use are the biggest factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction, but otherwise healthy men are pointing at porn as the reason for their ED.

For John Vargos (not his real name), age 28, of Atlanta, Georgia, erectile issues showed up when he got married to the woman he called his “soul mate.”

“I had been using porn daily for many years,” he said. “Jane and I met on a vacation cruise. Over the next year, we saw each other when we could, and I continued to use porn when we were apart. I assumed it would end when we finally lived in the same city and moved in together.”

John relocated — but within a few weeks, he experienced difficulty in getting an erection or having sexual feelings for his wife.

“I was having an affair just to boost my confidence after some disastrous experiences with Jane. I’d never had an affair and I felt out of control. Once we were married, I was bored so fast.”

He also sought out group activity to boost his sexual esteem, and he spent more time online looking for sex partners.

"I thought I was using pornography as a 'space holder' between relationships, but I can't manage a relationship at all right now," he said.

His wife had two children, so the impact of the ill-fated marriage on them haunts him.

Barbara Winter, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and certified sex addiction therapist in Boca Raton, Florida, treats young men struggling with PIED, as well as women impacted by it, and couples.

"Many addicts become obsessed with ordering their images, changing them, and the variety they can create," she said. "While men, in particular, are susceptible to porn addiction, women are showing similar reactions."

Some view pornography as an efficient means to address a common need. Today's over-busy, overstressed lifestyles may leave little time for relationships to develop and unfold. Rocco Amazzi (not his real name), age 32, of Long Beach, New York, works two jobs to keep up with child support and the needs of aging parents.

"I think about the time it takes to get to know someone ... I skip it all, because I can turn on the computer and be done in 10 minutes with a lot less hassle. I never have to deal with a woman's feelings. I admit I don't know how anymore. It's life today. It's everywhere. Nobody thinks it should be different."

Kathy and Matt Karsten (not their real names) of Kansas City, Missouri, say PIED is just one of many battles they have faced as a couple. During his deployment to Afghanistan, Matt began relying on pornography. He described it as "so readily available that it was hard to avoid it."

Kathy Karsten began to doubt herself sexually after realizing her husband used hundreds of pictures of women, including of friends, for arousal, but that he had lost interest in their own sexual relationship.

"It was so painful to be constantly pushed away and rejected," she told LifeZette. "I was angry. I cried daily. I distanced myself from other people, because I felt they wouldn't understand. I lost myself, but his self-respect and pride was gone and he lost himself, too."

The couple broke up and began separate journeys to rediscover themselves. "It almost ruined our relationship, because it didn't allow us to connect as a couple physically and emotionally," she explained.

"It created a lot of self-doubt and a negative view of myself," Matt Karsten said. "I couldn't achieve orgasm without porn. I didn't know what intimacy actually was."

Today, the couple explained they feel closer than ever. They've begun several blogs to help other couples and want to ease communication between couples about the issue.

Sandy Iyler of Washington, D.C., was not so lucky in her relationship. Her first marriage ended because her ex-husband's porn addiction grew into PIED and a complete obsession. Through her own research and work with a therapist, she came to understand the complexities of addiction, including the chemical releases her husband was experiencing, though he was not able to change behaviors to rebuild the trust between them.

Today Iyler's second marriage is quite different.

"We are both happy to try new things. But I would say the stark difference in emotional intimacy is the biggest difference. I have an intimate life that has honesty and candor now."


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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind at this point that, when we talk about Luciferian Jews, we are dealing with a race that is NOT human. Listen to the words of Jean-Claude Juncker, who is of Jewish ancestry, as he speaks about the off-planet entities he is in communication with.

"The video is in French and here is a translation: “You need to know that those who observe us from afar are worried. I have have seen, listened and heard many leaders of other planets and they are very worried because they wonder about the course the EU will follow. So we have to reassure both the Europeans and those who observe us from afar...”

Source Article:
MUST WATCH – EU: Juncker Speaks With Aliens Leaders From Other Planets

Did Juncker speak with aliens leaders of other planets ?

Please Note: Juncker is NOT the only Jew who has spoken of off-planet masters. In fact, this rabbi also teaches his students that Jews are from another planet and they are here to take over the Earth.

There are MANY instances of Jews speaking this way and those of us who are non-Jews had better listen up. They have been telling us the Truth all along. These entities are not part of organic Creation. They are intruders and invaders, with a skin suit that looks like ours but they are not like us. In fact, they have been created by the Creator's adversary (i.e., Lucifer) for the express purpose of enslaving and/or destroying all of life.

If we truly hope to achieve a victory for the Forces of Love, we must understand the true nature of our enemy. They are not of this world.

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Circumcision is a satanic blood ritual brought to the United States by Luciferian Jews. These evil creatures enjoy torturing infants, and it's all the better to them if the children stop breathing and die because then an attempt can be made to harvest the soul of the child and offer it up to their demonic overlord.

The Jewish people are HEAVILY mind-controlled having been born into a Luciferian cult. So mind-controlled are they that they willingly hand their newborn infants over to these demons, thereby offering up their son's life to the dark side. Of course, members of this cult will lie to themselves and everyone else, claiming this baby did not die from the torture of circumcision, but something else. This is completely false and the longer people remain in denial of the evil that is circumcision, the more children will die and be maimed or suffer their whole life having received the mark of the beast.

At this time, many Christians are also involved in this satanic blood ritual, having been bamboozled by the Luciferian Jews into believing that mutilation of infant penises is "beneficial." It is not. It is the epitome of evil and those who allow this to happen to their babies are aligning with Lucifer and therefore, should not expect to have a happy life.

Let's all send a prayer out for the soul of this innocent baby that the True Creator sweep in and lift him into the arms of love and safety. And let us also send a prayer that the parents of this child awaken from the Luciferian spell that caused them to allow this.

As far as the mohel and all the others circumcises out there -- may they reap what they have sown.

Source Article:
Baby who lost consciousness after circumcision dies

Two-week-old succumbs to medical complications; rabbinate says doctors confirm illness was caused by preexisting condition

A baby boy died in a Holon hospital on Friday morning after slipping into unconsciousness during a circumcision ceremony. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition on Thursday.

The Chief Rabbinate and both chief rabbis sent their condolences to the family and told media they had been in close contact with both the mohel who had performed the circumcision and the hospital doctors who were trying to save the baby’s life.

The rabbinate told Channel 2 that the doctors at Holon’s Wolfson Hospital were able to confirm that the boy’s life-threatening condition had been caused not by the circumcision itself, but by a preexisting medical condition.

Last Thursday, the eight-day-old infant had been undergoing the brit milah ritual at the Pinhas Lavon synagogue in Holon when he stopped breathing.

The family made desperate calls to Magen David Adom for an ambulance and to the Hazalah first response organization.

Medic Yehuda Mizrahi was first to arrive on the scene.

“When I arrived, the baby was completely blue, not breathing and with no pulse,” he told Channel 2, and described how he began resuscitation techniques, including massages to try to restart the boy’s vital systems. Finally an ambulance arrived and the infant was rushed to Wolfson hospital.

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Dear friends - Tonight I came across this interesting article stating that 40% of U.S. babies are born to unmarried women. This article is rather shocking in its content and reminds me of how important it is for people to understand the forces that have driven the concept of "family" into the gutter and used us to create a world that is filled with single parents, fatherless children, and endless suffering from the wounds of abandonment and rejection.

In my double DVD set on pornography and the deliberate manipulation of human sexuality, I show how the Luciferian bloodlines have orchestrated the mind control of the American people and totally altered our beliefs and behavior in the realm of sex and relationships. The dark forces did this with the help of Professor Alfred Kinsey (pedophile and sadomasochist) who, through his child raping "research," claimed that children are "sexual from birth," and can benefit from having sex with adults. Kinsey also claimed that women are like cats in heat -- although the difference between human females and felines is that cats "have sex" in order to reproduce, whereas, according to Kinsey, human women just want to get off -- all the time, as much as possible, and without restraint. According to Kinsey, what women really want is unrestrained physical pleasure and to hell with the spiritual and psychic consequences of their carnal activity (which consequences include the murder of infants while they are still in the womb as well as the birth of billions of haphazardly conceived children who are gestated in wombs where they are not wanted and who are imprinted for life with the idea that they are not loved and not lovable and will never be loved or wanted).

Kinsey's "research" was cited by Hugh Hefner in the first publication of Playboy, which was released the very same year Kinsey's book about female sexuality was released (1953). If you enlarge the graph pictured above, you will see that 1953 is the very same year the numbers start rising in terms of babies being born to unmarried women. All of this was orchestrated and paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation (i.e., the Rockenfelders who are Luciferian Jews). This was also the basis of the "sexual revolution" and the "women's liberation" movement, which led to the legalization of abortion and the creation of the highly satanic and evil organization known as Planned Parenthood.

In just 50 years after the publication of Kinsey's research (along with the mainstreaming of pornography into American culture by Luciferian Jews), the number of women giving birth to children who will likely be fatherless jumped from 3.8% to more than 40%. This is because women have bought into the lies about so-called "female sexuality" and "women's lib" and have come to believe their carnal activity is good for them and the way the Creator wanted it. Nothing could be further from the Truth. And American children (as well as children worldwide) are suffering.

To learn more about what I have just shared, I encourage you to check out my double DVD set and share the information widely. People need to understand what is being done to us -- and the fact that these same Luciferian forces have now moved pornography into kindergarten classrooms (with the help of Planned Parenthood's "Comprehensive Sexual Education Program," of course) should concern us greatly. This "curriculum" is preparing children for pedophilia -- which is exactly what Kinsey and the Rockefellers were after all along.

Here is a link to check out my double DVD set. Thank you for taking the time to look at it.

Source Article:
CDC: 40%+ of U.S. Babies Born to Unmarried Women for 8th Straight Year

By Terence P. Jeffrey | June 10, 2016 | 11:45 AM EDT

( -Of the 3,977,745 babies born in the United States of America in 2015, 1,600,208 of them—or 40.2 percent--were born to unmarried mothers, according to data released this month by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

That makes 2015 the eighth straight year that 40 percent or more of the babies born in the United States were born to unmarried mothers, according to CDC data.

In the years since 1940, according historical data published by the CDC, the percentage of babies born to unmarried women never went as high as 40 percent until 2008, when it hit 40.6 percent.

In 1940, 3.8 percent of the babies born in the United States were born to unmarried women. The percentage first went as high as 10 percent in 1969, when it was 10.0 percent. In 1983, it surpassed 20 percent for the first time, hitting 20.3 percent. In 1992, it exceeded 30 percent for the first time, hitting 30.1 percent.

In 2008, 40.6 percent of the babies born in the United States were born to unmarried women. In 2009, it was 41.0 percent. In 2010, it was 40.8 percent. In 2011, it was 40.7 percent. In 2012, it was 40.7 percent. In 2013, it was 40.6 percent. In 2014, it was 40.2 percent. And, in 2015, it was 40.2 percent.

In its report on the preliminary birth data for 2015, which was released on June 2, the CDC noted that the number of births per 1,000 women in the 15 to 44 age range declined last year as did the actual number of babies born to unmarried women.

“The preliminary birth rate for unmarried women in 2015 was 43.5 births per 1,000 unmarried women aged 15-44, down 1 percent from 2014 (43.9) and marking the seventh consecutive year of decline since the all-time peak in 2007 and 2008 (51.8),” said the report.

“In 2015, the number of births to unmarried women was 1,600,208, a less than 1 percent (0.3 percent) decline from 2014 (1,604,870),” said the report. “The 2015 preliminary number of nonmarital births was 7 percent lower than the 2008 peak (1,726,566).”

“The percentage of all births to unmarried women was 40.2 percent in 2015, unchanged from 2014,” said the report.

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Dear friends -- the insanity of hospital birth is escalating. Below you will find six stories regarding different women who have gone to the hospital to give birth and who have left the hospital later with half of their body missing. One of the women, a young teenager, actually died. In almost all cases, the women had undergone a surgical cesarean birth and from there, not only was their baby forcibly removed, but several of the mother's organs and limbs as well. Now, some may accept the mainstream stories that several of these women developed a case of "flesh-eating bacteria" (otherwise called medical professionals), but if you stick around to the end of this blog, you will have the option to read Kerth Barker's article about how the Luciferians enjoy and even become sexually aroused by surgical mutilation. Additionally, these very sick psychopaths plan to use surgical mutilation as a form of social control. Could these women be the victims of a psychopathic Luciferian agenda? You make the call.

Behold the insanity of the satanic-infested medical industry...

Torquay, Devon, UK
Mum went into hospital to have her baby and woke up five days later with NO LEGS

...Ella Clarke's routine caesarean section went horribly wrong and doctors had to remove both her legs after blood clotted in them

Doctors delivered Winter Rose at 6lbs 5ozs, but Ella lost six litres of blood due to a complication which can affect women who have had past caesareans.

An emergency hysterectomy was performed and she had five blood transfusions.

Ella was instantly placed into an induced coma and transferred to intensive care.

She needed to be monitored hourly for the next 24 hours as she would be prone to clotting.

But doctors allegedly forgot to check. Six hours are said to have passed before she was seen and, by this point, her legs had clotted and circulation had stopped.

She was rushed into theatre where two surgeons battled to recover circulation in both legs.

But it was too late. Her tissue was already giving off poisonous toxins which could stop her heart.

The doctors decided to amputate both legs below the knee..."

Dallas, Texas
Dallas Lady Gives Birth, Then Wakes Up With No Arms & Legs

"The last thing Katy really remembers is giving birth at her Houston-area home on February 10. And then this: "Waking up in the hospital with no arms and legs"

Concord, Massachusetts
Woman who lost limbs to flesh-eating disease agrees to drop lawsuit (VIDEO)

"...An Ayer woman who had all her limbs amputated after she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while giving birth at Emerson Hospital in Concord six years ago agreed to a $9.5 million settlement in her medical-malpractice lawsuit against the doctors and nurses who treated her...

Jorge says she has had to have her uterus, ovaries, gallbladder and part of her colon removed, along with both arms and legs..."

Orlando, Florida
Woman wakes up after childbirth with no arms and no legs

"They amputated both her arms and legs and will not explain why..."

The hospital claims that if she wants to find out exactly what happened, she would have to sue them.

"I want to know what happened. I went to deliver my baby and I came out like this," Mejia told the media. "I woke up from surgery and I had no arms and no legs. No one told me anything. My arms and legs were just gone."

Salt Lake City, Utah
Still Lisa: Strep infection turned childbirth into battle to survive

"...Lisa went to the hospital to have a baby. Within weeks she had lost three limbs, multiple organs and her career.

Lisa was unconscious as her organs died incrementally. The next day, doctors took out her ovaries and sections of her large and small intestines. On Day 5, surgeons removed her gall bladder and performed an ileostomy, which funneled her waste to a bag on her abdomen. Meanwhile, her liver couldn't keep up with the toxins that were forming in her body. And her limbs were darkening ominously...

In the burn unit, surgeons sliced out dead tissue on her mottled limbs, hoping to save as much leg as they could and at least part of her right hand. A day after that they removed her legs below the knees. When the tissue continued to die, they went in again, and then again, each time taking off more, until the legs ended just inches below her hips. Two days after they amputated her legs, they cut off her right arm, leaving a stump midway from elbow to shoulder..."

Tyumen Oblast, Russia
Teenager looses a leg.....and dies after giving birth

"...A sixteen-year old girl has been diagnosed with heavy internal bleeding after a cesarean section on Wednesday night in Tyumen hospital №2. According to an Internet edition of "NewsProm.Ru", emergency unit surgeons had to cut off one of the blood vessels supplying blood to the lower limbs in order to save the young girl's life. One of her legs had to be amputated as a result of no blood circulation in her lower limbs...

A newborn is absolutely healthy. According to the latest information, his young mother has died..."

BY Kerth Barker -

"The subject of how the Illuminati intends to use surgical mutilation as a form of social control is very disturbing. I've written about this before. I've recently received some more information. So I've decided to revisit this subject. I don't feel comfortable writing about this--yet I feel that I have to. For one thing this subject is personal. I'm missing three toes on my right foot. I did this to myself when I was a teenager as a way of getting out of an occult recruitment ritual. A group of mid-level Illuminati leaders believed that I had certain bloodlines which interested them, and they were interested in the astro-theological significance of my conception and birth dates. So there was a great deal of pressure for me to accept recruitment into a Satanic coven. Days before the annual Marriage of the Beast celebration, I deliberately stuck my foot into a lawn mower so that I would be in the hospital during the day of initiation. Those Illuminati leaders who had shown an interest in me were not fooled. After I recovered I was taken before a secret tribunal. I couldn't see their faces. They were wearing the traditional black robes with hoods, and of course they were naked underneath. They told me to show them my mutilated foot. When I did this one of the men gasped--not with shock but with pleasure. He lifted up his robe and showed the other men his erection. This amused them. They interpreted this as a sign from Lucifer that my life should be spared. So they tortured a dog to death in front of me, as a way of intimidating me into silence, then they let me go.

The Illuminati may have been done with me at that point, but I was not done with them. In those days there was a resistance group within the Illuminati that wanted to undermine the leadership. These were Illuminati members who were secretly dissatisfied with the Committee that runs the Illuminati. When they heard of this story about what I had done to get out of recruitment into a Satanic cult, this resistance group contacted me; and so I joined their movement. Eventually that movement would be destroyed, but I survived. Decades later I started talking about Satanic Ritual Abuse on the radio. But I've never really told this particular story about my self-mutilation before--except privately to a few people. So understand that I find it difficult to write about this subject.

One way that the Satanists intimidate their abuse victims into silence is to threaten them with violence. A film that I was forced to watch as a child was intended to do just that. It was a black and white film of a man being tortured to death over a period of months. I was told that he was an Illuminati member who tried to leave the group with the intention of contacting the news media. He wanted to warn the world about the Illuminati, but they got to him first. I was shown this film in the early 1960s when elaborate special effects were not possible. So I've always known that this film was real. The surgery done to this man was shown in segments as it progressed over time. His fingers and toes were removed one at a time. His legs and arms were systematically removed. By the time they killed him by removing his intestines, he was just a torso. I was told that this surgery was done without anesthetics. I now know that this surgery was done by a Nazi war criminal brought into the USA by the CIA's project paperclip. I remember that in the final segment of the film, right before they started to remove his intestines, you could see the profound look of despair on the victim's face. The doctor performing the surgery didn't always wear a surgical mask. In some of the film segments you could see that he was smiling with glee as he performed the operations. And although he was wearing his surgery scrubs, it was obvious in many of the shots that he had an erection.

When I was working with the resistance group, I was shown a number of films but for a different reason. There were films which showed sexual rituals, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. Two of these films in particular indicated that some Satanists are obsessed with surgical mutilation.

The main organizer of this resistance was a man who liked to be called Bob, which was short for Beelzebub. This resistance group, I should explain, wasn't interested in destroying the Illuminati, they just wanted to make it less insane and violent. They were trying to engineer a new leadership for the Committee that runs the Illuminati. Bob worked for the Committee, which is why he had access to a number of films that depicted Satanic rituals performed by different groups. The Illuminati is a complex system. Not all subgroups have the same practices, and the Committee wanted to document the different rituals used by different groups.

One film that Bob showed me documented the results of some surgery that was performed on a beautiful woman to remove her healthy arms. The story Bob told me was that a secret Satanist who worked as a priest in the Vatican once saw a beautiful poor woman visiting there. He instantly became sexually obsessed with her. He found out where she lived and began to stalk her. One day he set aside his garb as a priest and dressed in a fine Italian suit. He approached her at a cafe and made a proposition that she should become his mistress--which she refused. He continued to harass her, but she always refused his advances. One day when this frustrated Satanist was looking at a picture of the Venus de Milo statue, he had an inspiration. He had some of his fellow Satanists abduct this woman who had become the object of his obsession. Then he had her arms surgically removed to make her look like the statue. In a black and white film which Bob showed me, she was dressed and posed like the famous statue. The woman had a look on her face that suggested that she was drugged. Satanists in black robes were bowing before her, worshiping her. Periodically some of them would stand up and lift their robes to masturbate.

The second film Bob showed me of her was in color. In it she was no longer alive. Someone had expertly stuffed her body in the way that taxidermists do with animals. Her corpse was posed like the statue; but now it was held in place with the help of a metal bar behind it. In the film, on a bench in front of this stuffed corpse, was a man and a woman wearing masks who were having sex together. Looking at these films which Bob showed me was like looking at an automobile accident. It was horrible, but you couldn't really look away. However, the point I'm trying to make is that some Satanists are very turned on by the idea of surgical mutilation.

Bob was unscrupulous, but he was opposed to the ultra-violent behavior of some Illuminati members. He showed films like these to members of the resistance as a way of motivating them to oppose the Committee. However, I didn't really need motivation. Back in those days, when I was young, I didn't work for the resistance because I was interested in defeating the Illuminati. I knew that there was a system of Luciferian cults popular among the super-wealthy. Bob told me that these cults had plans to take over the world. Personally, in those days, I doubted that they could. Now that I am older I understand how wide spread and well organized they are. However, back then, my understanding of the Illuminati wasn't really very intellectual. My reason for wanting to hurt the Illuminati was more personal. I thought that if I could create some problems for them, it would be revenge for my having been abused as a child.

Once I was involved in the resistance I did form some friendships with its members. I wasn't a Christian then, and I was fairly immoral. The members of this resistance for the most part weren't Christians, but some were. But mostly they were Luciferians who did believe in the Illuminati system. They weren't disillusioned with the Illuminati so much as they were disillusioned with the leadership at that time. The resistance members didn't like the way the Committee seemed to be turning in the direction of ultra-violent, hard core Satanism. They wanted to put an end to the practices of human sacrifice and extreme child abuse. But most of these resistance members were somewhat amoral. They had rejected Christian morality--and they liked the decadence and wealth that went along with Illuminati membership. And in all honesty, in those days I tended to identify with these Luciferians.

But I did always draw the line at joining a Satanic coven. Once you do that, your soul is pretty much forfeit. I had been subjected to torture and sexual abuse as a child. I had managed to get away from it, but it created emotional health problems for me. What I got out of working for the resistance was therapy. I have described their therapy system as Fabian Therapy. I've written an article on this subject which is available on Basically this approach to therapy is different from conventional therapy in certain ways. Instead of trying to dredge up painful memories, they would rehabilitate the mind's memory system, and thus allow painful memories to discharge their negative energy in a more natural way. This was a very sophisticated system, way ahead of what most therapists are presently doing. The therapy I was receiving then was helping me to survive, and so I did what I could to help them. As a teenager, I didn't have any skills useful to the resistance, except that I had a certain nerve and intuitive wit. So they used me as a courier. Being a courier isn't rocket science, but it requires a willingness to accept risk, which I had in those days. The therapy which they provided me with helped me, and the price I paid for that was that I helped them by delivering messages between members of this resistance movement. Sometimes this process of delivering messages could be complex. The people in this movement were very paranoid--with good reason.

This resistance movement of Bob's was destined to fail. He wasn't trying to stop the Illuminati's global government, he just wanted it to live up to certain ideals. If you've ever read H. G. Wells book, New World Order, this is what Bob and the resistance thought the Illuminati should strive for--a scientific, socialist utopia. But the Committee that runs the Illuminati seemed to be moving in the direction of creating a brutal, Satanic police state. The Committee was then and still is the most powerful group of people in the world. The Committee doesn't want to be reformed. They recruit new members telling them that they are going to create a global government which will turn the world into a utopian society. But what the leaders of the Illuminati really want is to turn the world into a living hell--with them in charge.

Eventually the Committee which runs the Illuminati discovered the existence of this resistance group, and they decided not to tolerate it. Bob and the resistance leaders were killed in bad ways which I don't want to describe at this time. Some members of the resistance acquired false IDs and took off never to be seen again. For various reasons I did not attempt to leave town. Because I was a courier, the Illuminati decided to spare my life for a while. They reasoned that my name and face was known to many members of the resistance; the Committee thought that some of those who ran away might try to contact me. For months, the Illuminati had me under surveillance, hoping that the run away resistance members would contact me.

When nobody from the resistance tried to contact me, some loyal Illuminati members contacted me for another reason. This had to do with blood drinking addiction. Some of the people in the resistance were therapists who worked for the Illuminati. These therapists served the Illuminati, but where they got into trouble is that they were deprogramming people who the Illuminati hadn't authorized them to help--people like me. What you have to understand is that the Illuminati is an organization where many of its members have been abused as children, and this tends to make them insane. If an Illuminati leader becomes insane in a way which works against the interests of the Illuminati, that leader needs therapy. This is why they have psychiatrists and other therapists to keep their members in line. Their therapy systems can be very sophisticated. The problem was that the therapists who knew how to deal with blood drinking addiction were all in the resistance, and when the Illuminati cracked down on our resistance group, such therapists were either killed or they ran away never to be seen again. I was a teenager when I joined this resistance group, but I was nearly thirty years old when the crack down took place. For years prior to the crack down I had received therapy, not to deal with blood drinking addiction, but to deal with my childhood abuse. Nevertheless I had received therapy from the same therapists who dealt with blood drinking addiction. Furthermore, I personally knew some people in the resistance who were recovering from their addiction to adrenalized goat's blood. So I had some knowledge about how the process for recovering from blood drinking addiction works. That's why I was contacted by some loyal Illuminati members; they wanted my help in dealing with their sons who had become addicted to blood drinking.

At this time I was suffering from survivor's-guilt and grief from the experience of seeing so many people I knew either killed or forced to go into hiding. I was very afraid and upset when I was contacted by the agents who worked for these powerful Illuminati members. At first I thought that they were going to torture me for information. Initially they didn't tell me what they wanted. They took me to a house out in the country and hooked me up to a lie-detection machine. They asked me questions about the resistance group and I told them everything I knew. The truth is that I knew nothing which could help them. They already knew the answers to all the questions they asked me. They were just testing me to see if I would be cooperative with them. At that point in time I felt that I may as well cooperate with them since the resistance had been completely defeated. Finally they explained why they wanted my help.Over the years when I was in the resistance I had received therapy. But I had also studied therapy. I had educated myself and been educated by my therapists. Some of the simpler techniques of their therapy system could be easily taught. I had learned those techniques and at times had used them to help out with others needing therapy. I had known some people who suffered from blood drinking addiction and had worked with them some. In fact, I drank adrenalized goat's blood once just to see what it was like. I had a friend in the resistance who was recovering from adrenalized goat's blood drinking addiction. So I had a fairly good understanding of the blood drinking addiction recovery process. This made me of some value to the Committee.

These Illuminati agents explained that they had abducted and tortured some of the leaders of the resistance for information. What the Committee learned from this was that a great many members of the Illuminati had been involved in the resistance if only in small ways. It wouldn't have been practical to kill all of them, so a general amnesty was issued by the Committee. Those former resistance members who performed some act of atonement could have their lives spare. And the Committee wanted a favor from me.

It turned out that there were two important families, connected to the Committee, who had sons who had gotten involved with a Satanic cult which involved itself with adrenalized human blood drinking. Not all Luciferians are the same. In fact, most Luciferians don't sacrifice children and drink their blood. These aristocratic Luciferians didn't like the fact that their sons were addicted to drinking adrenalized human blood. They wanted me to help their sons recover from blood drinking addiction. My choice at that point was to help them or be killed.

Addicts who are addicted to drinking adrenalized goat's body are different than addicts who are addicted to drinking adrenalized human blood. The problem is that when you're in therapy with someone who is used to stalking, abducting, and torturing his victims before harvesting and drinking their blood--that client is always looking at you the way a wolf looks at a sheep. The trick is to never be judgmental, to never show fear, and to figure out how to create empathy. Empathy is the key. People who have lost their humanity to that point have lost the best thing about being human. Empathy is the breath of life. If you lose that, you're lost. Although I couldn't identify myself with the violent acts that they had been committing, it did turn out that I did have something in common with them.

I had been subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse as a child. This abuse had been directed by a CIA paperclip-Nazi named Shotzy. I had been lucky enough to get away from her, but these two men had not. Although I had some older relatives in the Illuminati, my parents were not members, and they knew nothing about it. So when I started acting strange because of Shoty's abuse, my parents started to notice. They never figured out what was going on, but they did talk with other people in our family about it. My relatives in the Illuminati heard these stories and became concerned. So my Illuminati relatives intervened and Shotzy was forced to back away from me.

However, these men hadn't been so lucky. It turned out that Shotzy had also been their Satanic trainer. Back in Germany, before and during the war, Shotzy had been involved with the Nazi youth movement. The goal of that movement had been to create supermen. The parents of these blood drinking addicts were Luciferians, and they thought that Shotzy was going to turn their sons into supermen. But in reality Shotzy just turned them into serial killers who were addicted to drinking human blood.

So I created empathy with these men by talking to them about what Shotzy had done to me. I got them to remember their own abuse at her hands. In this way I got them to feel empathy for me. Eventually they began to feel empathy for their victims. Their violent behavior had also been related to their addiction to alcohol and cocaine. They received normal substance abuse treatment as well as working with me.

Some of you who read this may wonder why I just didn't go to the FBI or something like that. Actually, my grandfather's brother was a friend of J. Edgar and one of the founding FBI agents. He was also a Luciferian. What I understood then was that the chain of governmental command goes like this. Local government, state government, Federal government--and above that the Committee who runs the Illuminati. These young men were the sons of high ranking Illuminati members. There was no going to the police. If I had come forward to the police with what I knew, I would not have been taken seriously. And the only problem it would have created for the Illuminati is that they would have to make me disappear and maybe make a few bribes.

So I worked with these young men and they recovered. They stopped killing victims and harvesting their blood. But in talking with them I came to realize that this type of ultra-violent behavior among high ranking Illuminati members was becoming increasingly common. However, my clients themselves did recover from their blood drinking addiction. They went on to become important corporate leaders. I feel certain that they were suitably ruthless for the corporate world. Anyway, psychiatrists working for the committee studied my methods and I was set free--more or less. I was warned that if I went to the press they would kill my mother, but if I kept my mouth shut, they would leave me alone. The truth is, in those days, back in the 1980s, I knew that if I went to the press, nobody would believe me anyway.

Even now in these days, with the greater openness in the internet, most people don't believe me now that I am talking openly about it. Of course my mother is long dead, of natural causes, and I am not afraid of being killed by the Illuminati because they plan to kill most of the people on the planet anyway.

What you have to understand is that all of this relates to a plan to create an apocalypse. The Illuminati has a depopulation agenda. They plan to kill off most of the people on the planet so that only half a billion people remain. This isn't to be done to save the environment, they want to do it to turn the planet into a giant Satanic prison.

In order to push forward their massive depopulation agenda, they need to have complete control over their own Illuminati members. And even in the Illuminati system, most members would not necessarily cooperate with the massive genocide that is being planned. Although Illuminati mind control is pretty sophisticated, it does have certain limits. Persons who have been subjected to Monarch mind control may be used as sex slaves, assassins or even entertainment performers. But none of those things require great intellectual skill. It turns out that computer programmers and social organizers don't do well when subjected to this type of trauma-based mind control. So the problem that the Committee faces is how they can have complete control over their intellectual human resources.

The solution that they've come up with is to combine surgical mutilation with certain forms of indoctrination. What they believe is that when surgical mutilation is combined with indoctrination, such persons can retain their intellectual capacity while becoming completely submissive to their masters. What Illuminati psychiatrists believe is that when a person is subjected to extreme surgical mutilation, this creates a permanent feeling of powerlessness. So when such a person is then subjected to indoctrination, that person will accept the indoctrination more willingly.

For example, if a computer programmer who operates predator drones were ordered to kill Christian Americans, that programmer might not comply. But if his legs were surgically removed, and he was indoctrinated to believe that it was a good thing to kill Christian Americans, he would then be more likely to comply. And the loss of his legs would not interfere with his ability to operate a computer. By the way, if you believe that the predator drone program was designed only to kill muslims overseas, you should think again.

When I was younger, when the resistance group I worked with still existed, there was a man I knew named James. He was a Christian and he did not believe in any form of Luciferianism. James worked with the resistance because it was all there was to work with. James considered that this resistance group of Bob's was the lesser of two evils. But what James really believed was that the Illuminati should be disassembled. He wasn't looking to reform it. He was looking to systematically deconstruct it. James and his Christian followers went underground when the crack down began.

After I disconnected from the Illuminati, from time to time, James would carefully contact me. He encouraged me to go to Church and to study Christianity. He was the one person I could talk with about my feelings of loss and grief about the people in the resistance who I had known and who had died. James did not contact me very often, but when he did, I valued the communication. Decades went by and eventually I converted to Christianity. I was baptized and I joined a Church as a member for a year. In recent years I came to know some people who were talking on the radio about politics. On a July 4th show on KOPN, I started talking about my experiences with the Illuminati. James heard of the show and listened to a podcast of it. He contacted me in secret and encouraged me to talk more about these taboo subjects. Eventually some of the people at the radio station became upset about me talking openly about the Illuminati and Satanism. I was pushed off the show. But I kept up posting information on the website.

One day James contacted me and told me that there were people in the Illuminati who were disillusioned with the Committee and wanted an outlet for information. He arranged for a meeting between me and them. And they begin to give me insider information which I put on the website in postings.

One thing that they told me about was the Illuminati's plans to use surgical mutilation as a method of controlling their own members. The people who James arranged for me to meet were what some would call Technocrats. These are people who use computer modeling and social science as a way for the Illuminati to make plans to take over the world.

One of these Technocrats had hacked into a lap top at a Bilderberg Group conference and listened into a conversation between a Rothschild and a Rockefeller. This conversation was about the different ways they planned to use surgical mutilation on their own loyal members. I listened to some of this recording and it was obvious that they weren't joking. It was clear in the conversation that they believe that there is a relationship between surgical mutilation and social control. They believe that more they surgically mutilate the bodies of their own servants and subordinates, the more control they will have over them. What they were talking about was an extremely widespread program of surgical mutilation. In the world culture they are planning, most people, except for the wealthiest aristocrat families, would be surgically mutilated to some degree.

In this conversation they were saying things like, "Gardeners don't really need two eyes. Maids and butlers don't really need both of their eyes--now do they? Computer programmers don't need their legs really. Ordinary male factory workers don't need their testicles. Ordinary female workers don't need their ovaries or breasts. Whatever body part a worker doesn't need in order to do their job, we should have that removed."

They also talked about the use of plastic surgery to identify social class. In their plan, the peasants would have homely faces, the police-enforcers would look fiercely animalistic, but the aristocrats would have plastic surgery to make themselves look handsome or beautiful.

More recently that same Technocrat contacted me again and showed me some very disturbing video images. These were taken in a secret experimental laboratory. I was told that the victims were gathered from the homeless population and third world nations where they wouldn't be missed. There were experimental surgery techniques being developed to quickly and efficiently remove limbs. They had constructed experimental computerized machines that could do surgery. There were disembodied heads being kept alive using elaborate life support machinery. There were experiments which were attempting to interface computers with the human brain. I am unable to express in words how upset I felt in looking at these images. I still feel upset writing this.

What I have to say in conclusion is this. If you are in the Illuminati and you are still cooperating, you are cooperating with leaders who plan to betray you. Even if you don't believe what I am saying, consider how these men came into power. They all have a history of betrayal. If it is to their advantage to surgically mutilate their own servants and employees--of course they will do it. And if you are not in the Illuminati, but have been opposing the Illuminati, perhaps what I've written here will motivate you to spread the word even more than you already have. I pray for the victims of these Illuminati secret experiments."

Monday, June 6, 2016


How many of my readers had an epidural during the birth of their children? How many had to sign a "release form" in order that they be given this form of anesthesia? For those who did sign the release form, can you tell me -- did it look anything like the description below? Did your release form contain the following information?

See full video below. Transcript is as follows:
Lady # 1: I just got back from my O.B. appointment. My doctor just gave me an epidural release form. She wanted me to see it before my birth so I can be informed.

Lady # 2: (interested) That’s great! Why don't you read it to me?

Lady # 1: Ok. I understand that the pain from labor causes my brain to release beta endorphins. These are natural pain killers which can be likened to natural morphine or heroin. These opiates are so powerful that they can cause women to have an “out of this world”, or “high” feelings in between contractions, and they also have been known to cause euphoria during and after birth.

Lady # 2: Wow, that's great!!

Lady # 1: When I receive an epidural, I understand that my baby will feel the pain of labor more intensely because my body will stop producing and circulating these pain killing hormones mentioned above. I understand that that my baby will feel the pain of labor more intensely.

Lady # 2: (Surprised) Whoa! Are you sure they should be telling you this?

Lady # 1: I am aware that use of these drugs will depress my baby’s breathing and they will most likely lead to the need for resuscitation and breathing assistance for my baby at birth.

Lady # 2: (Thoughtful) I have heard that epidurals are harmless. This doesn’t sound harmless.

Lady # 1: I understand that once I have an epidural, I must have a fetal monitor screwed into my baby’s head. I am aware that this screw in my baby’s head will be pulled with every contraction, and tugged at when I move around.

Lady # 2: (Remembering) My baby did have a black and blue spot with a scab on his head when he was born. I have always wondered about that…

Lady # 1: I understand that all epidural drugs currently used during birth where never studied for their long term effects on the development of the fetus or on babies. I choose to use them anyway.

Lady # 2: Wow, I gave up wine and coffee for my pregnancy... imagine that!

Lady # 1: I understand that having an epidural increases my risks of needing pitocin. Pitocin is a synthetic form of oxyticin, which is a hormone that causes uterine contractions among other things.

The side effects can be increased uterine contractions, multiple unrelenting contractions, and contractions powerful enough to tear my uterus.

Lady # 2: At least you won't feel it. You will have the epidural.

Lady # 1: I understand that there are studies linking Pitocin use with autistic disorders.

Lady # 2: I never heard of that. I will have to Google that and see if it is true.

Lady # 1: I understand that the use of Pitocin has been related with decreased maternal-infant bonding. Pitocin use causes the brain to stop producing its own oxytocin in both the Mother and baby.

Lady # 2: Isn't oxytocin is the hormone of love and attachment?

Lady # 1: I don't believe in attachment. Let me keep reading, there is more.

I understand that after receiving the epidural, my baby may experience, an increased heart rate and fetal distress.

Lady # 2: I wonder what a distressed baby looks like? Does that mean the baby is crying? Can they cry in the uterus?

Lady # 1: Quiet I am reading.

I understand that because my baby has an immature liver the use of epidural drugs will most likely will cause effects such as: increased incidence of jaundice, behavioral problems, drowsiness at birth, poor sucking reflex and poor muscle strength and muscle tone in the first hours of life.

Lady # 2: I guess that is why you want doctors nearby in the first place.

Lady # 1: I understand that the use of epidural anesthesia leads to more cesarean sections.

Lady #2: I wonder if that is true? That can’t be true. I will have to do a Google search for those

Lady # 1: I understand that a side effect of an epidural may be leaking spinal fluid may cause a headache. This will necessitate that I lay flat on my back so the spinal casing can heal.

Lady # 2: I guess the baby can go to the nursery. You will have years to get to know each other.

Lady # 1: Hmmmm. It says here that Epidural use will make it so I won't be able to pee! I will need a catheter inserted into my bladder.

Lady # 2: Ouch.

Lady # 1: I understand that this could affect my ability to breastfeed, hold and care for my baby.

Lady # 2: I hear that the La Leche League prints up special instructions with tips to help support epidural babies and breastfeeding.

Lady # 1: I understand that decreased touching, holding and not breastfeeding during the immediate minutes after birth may decrease my body's release of mothering hormones. This will increase my risk of post-partum depression. It may cause problems with breastfeeding success.

Lady # 2: Post-partum depression? I know lots of people who have had that. Isn’t it normal?

Lady # 1: By signing this release, I have been told of the risks and the possible effects of this drug on my baby and I agree to hold harmless this hospital and my society for any problems related to using epidural anesthesia now or in the future.

Lady # 2: ( angry) Your doctor should not have scared you with this information.! Why would she show this to a pregnant woman?

Lady # 1: Hmmmmm. Well? What do you think?

Lady # 2: I don't know. What do you think?

Lady # 1: I think there is no reason for me to suffer when I don't have to. The baby will be out in the end just the same.

Lady # 2: You don’t think that you should look into this more?

Lady # 1: Look into what?

Lady # 2: Never mind. Let’s go buy some baby clothes.

Lady # 1: Ok.

Epidural Release Form

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This is a FANTASTIC article, well researched and cited, that should be shared widely. Please read.

Source Article by Brenton Sanderson
Jenji Kohan and the Jewish Hyper-Sexualization of Western Culture

As detailed in The Culture of Critique, Freud and his followers regarded anti-Semitism was a universal pathology which had its roots in sexual repression. The theoretical basis for this can be found in Freud’s Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality where he linked aggression to the frustration of human drives — especially the sex drive. Kevin MacDonald notes that: “Although Freud himself later developed the idea of a death instinct to explain aggression, a consistent theme of the Freudian critique of Western culture, as exemplified for example by Norman O. Brown, Herbert Marcuse, and Wilhelm Reich, has been that the liberation of sexual repressions would lead to lowered aggression and usher in an era of universal love.”[1]

According to this view, anti-Semitism, regarded as a form of aggression, results from the denial of sexuality, and the role of the Jewish mission of psychoanalysis was to end anti-Semitism by freeing humanity of its sexual repressions. Individuals preoccupied with sex were considered unlikely to concern themselves with the activities of Jews, much less to organize politically against them. People who spend most of their time in search of sexual stimulation are unlikely to organize pogroms or threaten the rich and powerful Jewish establishment. In his /issuearchive/articled325.html?articleid=38 [now a hijacked site] widely cited 2004 essay from the Jewish Quarterly Nathan Abrams observed that:

Jews in America have been sexual revolutionaries. A large amount of the material on sexual liberation was written by Jews. Those at the forefront of the movement which forced America to adopt a more liberal view of sex were Jewish. Jews were also at the vanguard of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse and Paul Goodman replaced Marx, Trotsky and Lenin as required revolutionary reading. Reich’s central preoccupations were work, love and sex, while Marcuse prophesied that a socialist utopia would free individuals to achieve sexual satisfaction. Goodman wrote of the “beautiful cultural consequences” that would follow from legalizing pornography: it would “ennoble all our art” and “humanize sexuality.”

The hyper-sexualization of Western culture (the most conspicuous result of the Jewish takeover and virtual monopolization of the Western media and entertainment industries) can, therefore, be viewed as the practical ethno-political application of psychoanalytic theory to a traditional Western culture regarded as inherently authoritarian, fascistic and anti-Semitic due to its “repressive” sexual morality. MacDonald points out that “psychoanalysis has been a veritable treasure trove of ideas for those intent on developing radical critiques of Western culture” with these ideas influencing thought in a wide range of areas, “including sociology, child rearing, criminology, anthropology, literary criticism, art, literature, and the popular media.”[2]
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I recently noted how Daniel Jonah Goldhagen claims to be bewildered by Billy Graham’s “nutty” comment in his secretly recorded conversation with President Nixon in 1972 that Jews were “the ones putting out the pornographic stuff,” and that so severe was the danger that Jews pose that their “stranglehold has got to be broken or this country’s going down the drain.”[3] Of course Goldhagen is uninterested in whether Graham’s assertion has any grounding in empirical reality — whether Jews actually are the ones mainly responsible for “putting out the pornographic stuff,” and are thereby undermining the cultural foundations and supports for high-investment parenting and sending the country “down the drain.” A quick look at the output of Hollywood, and the individuals responsible for it, is, however, enough to confirm that Graham’s assertion is absolutely correct. Not only have Jews long ( /issuearchive/articled325.html?articleid=38 [now a hijacked site]) dominated the pornography industry, they have also been pivotal in “mainstreaming” pornographic themes and images through the movies and TV programs they produce.

Jenji Kohan — From Weeds to Orange is the New Black

To take just one of countless possible examples, consider the enormously popular program Orange is the New Black (hereafter OItNB). This show is the brainchild of screenwriter and executive producer Jenji Kohan who comes from a prominent Jewish show business family. Her father, Buz Kohan, a frequent writer for the Academy Awards, is the recipient of 11 Emmy Awards in a career that spans five decades. Her mother, Rhea Kohan, is a novelist, while her eldest brother, David, is the co-creator and producer of the gay-themed NBC sitcom Will & Grace. According to Danielle Berrin, writing for the “Hollywood Jew” section of The Jewish Journal:

Kohan could be the Jewish girl next door. But there is edginess to her — her hair perpetually tousled, and she always wears those signature eyeglasses with the art-deco glamour. … Her earliest fantasy was to be a famous actress-singer named Rainbow Star. But she couldn’t act. Or sing. Years later, after some time working in television, Kohan considered rabbinical school. But none of those whims proved as powerful as her (very Jewish) birthright, which has catapulted Kohan to many a writer’s highest aspiration, helming her own TV show.

Kohan worked for her brother David on Will & Grace during her early years, but decided his brand of humor was too tame. “David took the big, commercial, funny route; I was always a little darker personally,” she explains, “and not terrific within the system. I had to make my own way.” It was with specific reference to her brother David and the plethora of activist Hollywood Jews like him, that Vice President Joe Biden noted in 2013 how Jewish influence on American culture had been “immense.” Speaking of the prominent roles Jews had played in transforming American attitudes toward civil rights, feminism, and homosexual rights, he noted that:

What affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else. … It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace [gay marriage]. Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense.

In a similar vein, the Jewish writer and intellectual Chaim Bermant observed that “the Jews that came to dominate Hollywood” between them “did more to determine American attitudes and tastes than the churches or even the schools.”[4] This is hardly surprising given that, as cultivation theory and social learning theory postulate, exposure to media content leads to increased sympathy for the values embedded in the content, as well as an increased propensity to regard the fictional portrayals as representations of reality.

Noting how right from Hollywood’s founding Jewish ethnic networking and nepotism quickly led to an industry completely dominated by Jews, Bermant wryly observed that “Hollywood, the place, as it was said, where ‘the son-in-law also rises’ was the last redoubt of nepotism, but nepotism was perhaps one of its saving virtues, for it indicated, if only at a crude level, that it was not wholly devoid of charity.”[5] Jewish family and ethnic networking played an inevitable role in Kohen’s ascent to eventually “helming” her own show. She recounts how:

I started writing. … I quit all of my crappy odd jobs, and I moved in with [a friend who] was living in Santa Cruz. And every day we would go to these little cafes in Santa Cruz, and I would work on spec scripts and study these videotapes I had recorded off television of Roseanne and Seinfeld and The Simpsons. … What ended up happening was, my sister-in-law’s father worked in a building with an agent and gave him my scripts in an elevator. And he read them, and I was on a show by spring. And it took off from there, and I never stopped working.

Kohan became a screenwriter for numerous dramas and comedies, including Sex and the City (created by Jewish writer, director and producer Darren Star), Gilmore Girls (created by Jewish writer, director and producer Amy Sherman), Mad About You (created by Jewish writer and actor Paul Reiser and Jewish writer and producer Danny Jacobson), and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (created by Jewish writer and actor Andy Borowitz and wife Susan Borowitz).

In 2005 she was given the opportunity to write and produce her own show, which led to the dark comic satire Weeds — a show about the “peculiar nature of American domesticity.” Originally set in the fictional suburb of Agrestic (later Majestic), the show follows the widowed, single mother Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), who becomes a drug dealer in order to maintain her middle class lifestyle. With the help of various disreputable characters and her useless and immature brother-in-law Andy (who is representative of Hollywood’s routinely unflattering depictions of White men), she raises her two sons, Silas and Shane.

The Jewish Journal notes how Weeds “routinely deals with many of the most provocative, controversial themes on television. Any given season has its share of lawlessness, illicit relationships and an astonishing Freudian subtext (in one episode, Nancy catches her youngest son masturbating to a nude photograph of her).” Freudian themes continue to exert an enduring influence over the Jewish shapers of Western minds, like Kohan, despite that fact that these ideas have long ceased to play any role whatever in mainstream developmental psychology.

According to the Jewish Journal, Kohan’s “refusal to limit herself in her show’s creative content has made moral ambiguity a Weeds trademark. No topic is too grim, no character too depraved.” In giving her the scope to explore these depraved characters, and to mine them for humor and ask questions, Kohan claimed that Weeds allowed her to get in touch with her Jewish identity, noting that, “For me, the essence of my Judaism is to ask questions — ask why, ask more. And in a way, the show allows me to follow that path of Judaism.”

After the critically-acclaimed Weeds, which ended in 2012, Kohan adapted the (half-Jewish) author Piper Kerman‘s memoir Orange is the New Black about her experiences in a minimum-security women’s prison. This series revolves around the “clueless bisexual blonde” Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) who is sentenced to 15 months in prison for transporting drug money for her drug trafficking former girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). This offense occurred ten years before the start of the series, and Piper has since moved on to enjoying a quiet, law-abiding life among New York’s upper middle class. Her sudden and unexpected arrest completely disrupts her relationships with her fiancé and family. In prison, Piper is reunited with Alex (who named Piper in her trial, resulting in her ex-girlfriend’s arrest and imprisonment), and they re-examine their relationship and deal with their fellow prisoners. OItNB often uses flashbacks of significant events from the various inmates’ backgrounds to explain how they came to be in prison and to fill in their backstories.

OItNB is an incredibly degenerate show that inverts traditional Western morality and glamorizes homosexuality. The main themes of the show are that committed heterosexual relationships are abnormal and that Christianity is an evil creed, which, owing to its stifling sexual morality, leads its practitioners to become hypocritical bigots with twisted, neurotic personalities. The Christian “villain” in the show was sent to prison for killing a group of abortionists after receiving an abortion herself. Every woman in the prison, with the exception of the Christian villain, is in a lesbian relationship with one of their fellow inmates — even a nun.

Hollywood’s Jewish movers and shakers love to debase Christianity and Catholicism by depicting nuns in sexual roles. Notoriously, the opening scene of the pilot of Californication, a program starring and produced by the Jewish actor David Duchovny (whose father was a publicist for the American Jewish Committee), depicts a nun performing oral sex on Duchovny’s character Hank Moody in a church. This pornographic debasement of Christian symbols by Jews is a blatant way of defiling Christian culture. Kohan certainly has no qualms about such depictions, noting that: “When people have these sacred cows, my urge is to tip them.” Of course anyone attempting to “tip” a Jewish sacred cow will quickly find himself on an ADL and SPLC hit list, will likely lose his job, and if a public figure, will be relentlessly attacked by the Jewish-controlled media.

Labelling Kohan a “force of nature” Time Magazine notes how her “characters are a breathtaking riot of color and sexual orientation onscreen. Jenji shows a passion for diversity by creating characters of all backgrounds who are three-dimensional, flawed and sometimes unpleasant, but always human.” The perennial Hollywood themes of the nobility of sexual liberation and race mixing are particularly salient in OItNB. Asked in an interview why she included so much gratuitous sex in her show, Kohan responded by declaring that:

I want more fucking, everywhere. That’s one of my things. It expresses everything. It’s comfort, it’s release, it’s brutality, it’s companionship. It’s so many things. We’re all doing it. We’re all thinking about it. We don’t see it enough. Part of it is a dance with the [mostly non-Jewish] actors because it’s very vulnerable for them to do it. But if I had my way, there would be so much more, in everything. It’s so vital and integral in life, and it should be reflected in what we’re watching, if we’re reflecting our experiences. And it’s hot. I love the sex stuff, and I want more.

Kohan likewise told The Hollywood Reporter: “I love graphic sex, the more sex the better. Very often it’s convincing the actors to get naked. … You hope everyone will just be cool about it, and then they’re not. There’s a lot of convincing and making people feel comfortable.” Hollywood’s Jewish bigwigs have long used their power to make or break careers as a golden opportunity to gain access to, and sexually exploit, non-Jewish actresses and actors (and children). Bermant acknowledges that “the Jewish businessman has never turned a blind eye (a furtive eye sometimes, but never a blind one) to such attractions. The Rabbis have always been aware of a lascivious streak in the Jewish character.”[6]

Netflix, which airs OItNB, has been fully supportive of the sexually explicit content of OItNB, only intervening once according to Kohan. “We have some male frontal nudity this season, but I don’t think it’s going to be erect.” For comparison, Kohan noted the comparatively strict guidelines that Showtime (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumner Redstone’s CBS) set for a scene in Weeds, in which “a dildo and lube were allowed to be shown on screen, but the character was not allowed to be seen applying the lube to the dildo.”

Elsewhere Kohan has opined that: “I think people need to accept their sexuality no matter what environment they’re in,” and observed how she is “a great subscriber to the Kinsey scale, where 10% is absolutely straight and 10% is absolutely gay and everyone sort of floats in the middle, everyone else.” Here Kohan echoes the Freudian “argument” that “a disposition to perversions is an original and universal disposition of the human sexual instinct.”

An article in Rolling Stone notes that OItNB has been at the forefront of TV shows challenging viewers’ perceptions of sexuality and gender identity, specifically thanks to the performance of “trans actress” Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia Burset, and openly gay actress Lea DeLaria, who plays Carrie “Big Boo” Black. Kohan points out that in her show “transgenderism” is “not confronted,” but is “seamlessly woven” into the tale of protagonist Piper Chapman’s time in a minimum security federal prison. “It’s not ‘The Very Special Episode about the trans character,’” she notes, “It’s normalized in this conversation.” One source, noting how OItNB has succeeded in normalizing sexual perversion and the idea of the “fluid” nature of gender identity, observed that:

This is the show, after all, that made Laverne Cox a household name as much for her sophisticated intersectional politics as for her laugh-out-loud beauty. A trans woman of color and the first trans actor to be nominated for an Emmy, Cox has consistently questioned the popular notion that visibility in itself is enough to bring about social change, instead using her position to publicize LGBTQ activism and to call attention to issues of inequality and injustice. Orange is the New Black makes its feminist points in a slyly subversive way: its radical themes combine with compelling storytelling as we are plunged, cellmate-like, into intimacy with the characters.

In response to news that one of the female staff writers on OItNB had divorced her husband and is now dating a star of the show after she said writing the show made her realize she was a lesbian, Kohan quipped: “I turned her gay. I made her gay. I felt like there wasn’t enough balance in the room, so I have a magic wand and I make people gay.”

Despite these flippant remarks, there is sound evidence that sexual orientation is, to a significant extent, environmentally determined. A 2006 Danish study found that, based on an analysis of two million men and women, social and family factors played a significant role in determining sexual orientation. In an interview, one of the study’s authors stressed that: “Prenatal factors cannot account for the variation in human sexual orientations,” and that “whatever ingredients determine a person’s sexual preferences and marital choices, our population-based study shows that environmental factors are important.” Culture likely mediates human sexuality through exerting an inhibitory or disinhibitory influence on certain sexual behaviors. Through its positive portrayal of homosexuality and “transgenderism,” OItNB clearly encourages marginal or confused individuals, such as the staff writer on the show, to identity as homosexual.

OItNB was showered with 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations for its first season. Predictably, the show has also been universally lauded in the Jewish-controlled media. A Washington Post reviewer extolled the show’s “characters and ambitious writing and acting”, and noted how

in one of the new episodes, there is protracted debate about the location of the urethra in relation to the vagina — a matter definitively settled by Burset, a transgender inmate (played by Laverne Cox) — and a competition between two lesbian inmates, Big Boo and Nichols (Lea DeLaria and Natasha Lyonne) to see who can seduce the largest number of inmates, with a special emphasis on orgasm.

Observations like these seemingly pass for serious cultural commentary in one of America’s most prominent and influential media outlets these days.

Sexual Liberation — Great for Goyim, But Not for Jews

As this critic’s remarks indicate, anything goes on OItNB — except anything deemed racist, pro-Christian, or anti-LGBT. Kohan’s own life, however, conforms to more traditional Jewish standards. She is married to freelance journalist Christopher Noxon, with whom she has three children. Kohan claims that it is her conventional domestic life that propels her into the darker corners of storytelling. She’s attracted to seedier material because, as she puts it, “This is my rebellion, this is my fun.” In an interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz, she recalled how her desire to include a character named Yael character in Weeds was borne of the Jewish milieu within which she raised her children. “My children attend a Jewish school,” she said at the time. “I met a lot of Israeli mothers there, and the character of Yael is a tribute to those mothers. They’re so terrific. All the Israeli mothers I’ve met are terrific, and so is Meital. Yael is a character I constructed from all the mothers in our school. I always check where people are in relation to their Judaism.”

The tendency of Jewish subverters of Western culture (like Kohan) to not personally practice what they promote for their intended audience is striking. Another noteworthy exemplar of this tendency is the Jewish entrepreneur and “King of Infidelity” Noel Biderman, the founder and CEO of the company that operates a dating website named Ashley Madison which is designed to make it easy for married people to arrange adulterous affairs. The slogan of the company (which Biderman himself came up with) is: “Life is short. Have an affair.” While promoting infidelity (and profiting handsomely from it), Biderman himself says he is a happily married father of two and does not cheat. In an interview with the “A Current Affair” program in Australia, he admitted that if he found out his own wife was accessing his cheater’s site, “I would be devastated.”

Former Chief British Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, writing in the Encyclopaedia of Modern Jewish Culture, observes that while “the sexual revolution of the 1960s found some Jewish protagonists,” within Jewish communities “the primary response was a strong defence of tradition.” Within diaspora Jewish communities, sexual liberation was regarded as a direct threat to Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy, where “not only ethical values were at stake.” Noting that “Images of marriage and family pervade Jewish theological language about the covenantal relationship between God and Israel,” Sacks observes that, “the stability and fertility of families is crucial to the demographics of Jewish survival.”[7] As these comments indicate, healthy, functional societies coalesce around the propagation and protection of children. While Jews have endeavoured to sustain this coalescence within Jewish communities, they have actively sought to sabotage it within non-Jewish communities.

An egregious recent manifestation of this cultural sabotage concerns the one time child star Miley Cyrus who recently declared: “I am literally [sexually] open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that’s legal, I’m down with. … I don’t relate to being boy or girl, and I don’t have to have my partner relate to boy or girl.” Cyrus’s transition from innocent child star to leading sluttish propagandist for complete sexual liberation and “gender fluidity” can be directly ascribed to the malign influence exerted by her Jewish manager Larry Rudolph. As Britain’s Daily Mirror reported:

Take a pretty young girl with a clean ­image, turn her into a showbiz sex ­goddess and watch the money roll in. That is what has happened to Miley Cyrus. And her steamy interviews plus semi-naked “twerking” routine are looking like a deliberate career switch under the guidance of a calculating manager, reports the Sunday People.

Step forward Larry Rudolph. For Miley, the former Hannah Montana child actress turned queen of sleaze, is just the latest in a string of raunchy products from his stable. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson are all his creations as well. The multi-millionaire businessman and former lawyer specializes in helping performers make the transition from child star to adult entertainer.

Middle America was outraged by the sight of former Disney princess Miley, 21, wearing a flesh-colored latex bikini and gyrating suggestively against singer Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in August. How could the sweet little thing who played children’s TV favorite Hannah for eight years sink so low, asked disgusted parents’ groups. But her televised performance was seen by 50 million people. And cheering her on were Rudolph and her mum and co-manager, Tish Finley.

Rudolph, 50, a talent manager for 15 years, has been working with the singer since last spring. And he told the Hollywood Reporter magazine he thought that Miley’s performance at the VMAs was an absolute corker. He declared: “We were all cheering from the side of the stage. It could not have gone better. The fans got it. The rest eventually will.” Rudolph’s skills have made him worth an ­estimated £13 million but he came from humble beginnings in the Bronx area of New York.

Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones has posited that the Jewish promotion of sexual license (and the increasingly full gamut of sexual perversions and gender-identity dysfunctions) is, effectively, a way of exercising political control over non-Jewish populations — a way of rendering them politically tractable by making them slaves to their passions. An example that Jones frequently cites of Jews deliberately using the sexualization of culture to destabilize an enemy is the actions of Israeli soldiers after they took over Palestinian TV stations in 2002, where they immediately started broadcasting an endless stream pornography over the airwaves. Jones notes that:

The Israelis have recently shown themselves well-versed in what one could call the military use of pornography. At 4:30 PM on March 30, 2002, Israeli military forces took over Palestinian TV stations when they occupied Ramallah in the West Bank, immediately shutting them down. What followed was a little more unusual. Shortly after occupying the Al-Watan TV station, the Israeli forces began broadcasting pornography over its transmitter. Eventually, according to a report from The Advertiser, an Australian newspaper, the Israelis expanded their cultural offensive against the Palestinian people by broadcasting pornography over two other Palestinian stations, the Ammwaj and Al-Sharaq channels. One 52-year-old Palestinian mother of three children, according to the report in The Advertiser, complained about “the deliberate psychological damage caused by these broadcasts.”

Whether one accepts Jones’ thesis or not, the Jewish hyper-sexualization of Western culture and assault on White heterosexual normativity is too ubiquitous and longstanding a phenomenon to not to have a firm ethno-political basis. Regarding the overwhelming political support of Jews for sexual minorities, the late Jewish author Charles Silberman pointed out that, “American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief—one firmly rooted in history—that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of U.S. Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called ‘social’ issues.”[8] The Jewish professor of English at the University of Massachusetts, Josh Lambert, likewise noted that Jewish lawyers “believe that minority discourse deserves protection” on the basis that “the Holocaust was the ultimate suppression of minorities” and, consequently, for Jews, “the right for free speech became a fight for minority rights.”

The Consequences of the Jewish Hyper-Sexualization of Western Culture

The consequences of the erosion of traditional Western shaming code which enforced constraints on sexuality (the result of the triumph of the psychoanalytic and radical critiques of Western culture since the 1960s when the controls on Hollywood’s depiction of sexuality that originated in the 1920s effectively collapsed) have been far more deleterious to those lower IQ groups that are genetically predisposed to precocious sexuality than to diaspora Jews (higher intelligence being correlated with later age of marriage, lower levels of illegitimacy, single parenting, and divorce). A 2006 study in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that: “The strong relationship between media and adolescents’ sexual expression” is due to “the media’s role as an important source of sexual socialization for teenagers.” According to psychologists Richard Jackson Harris and Fred W. Sandborn in their book A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication: “Teenagers who watch heavy diet of television with sexual content were twice as likely to engage in sexual intercourse over the following year as teens who were light viewers of sexual content, even after controlling for other possible factors”[9] (see also “Research on Pornography and the Sexualization of Culture”).

The hyper-sexualization of Western culture has led to soaring rates of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents. There has been an alarming rise in gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis across the United States. There has also been a surge in child-on-child sexual abuse throughout the Western world. Joe Tucci, chief executive of the Australian Childhood Foundation attributes this dramatic upsurge to the fact that nowadays children “have this diet of easily accessible porn, sexual imagery and distorted values around relationships and they put those things together and they start engaging in sexual behavior.” Social commentator Melinda Tankard Reist plaintively asks, “How much worse does it have to get? How many more five-year-olds do we want to have in treatment programs until we say that maybe it shouldn’t be a free-for-all where kids can access torture porn and rape porn and incest porn? Children are being groomed to think this stuff is normal.” It hardly needs saying that, as a result of programs like Jenji Kohan’s OItNB, the division between pornography and popular entertainment is rapidly dissolving.

The “pornification” of popular culture proceeds apace

Kevin MacDonald notes that “the most basic mistake Freud made was the systematic conflation of sex and love. This was also his most subversive mistake, and one cannot emphasize the absolutely disastrous consequences of accepting the Freudian view that sexual liberation would have salutary effects on society.” The psychoanalytic emphasis on the benefits of sexual liberation is “fundamentally a program that promotes low investment parenting styles.”[10] By contrast, traditional Western religious and secular institutions resulted in a “highly egalitarian mating system that is associated with high-investment parenting. These institutions provided a central role for pair bonding, conjugality, and companionship as the basis for marriage. However, when these institutions were subjected to the radical critique presented by psychoanalysis, they came to be seen as engendering neurosis, and Western society itself was viewed as pathogenic.[11]

The net result of the Jewish engineered sexual revolution has, as Kevin MacDonald has noted, been the establishment of a society controlled by a Jewish “cognitive elite” who politically, economically and socially dominate “a growing mass of individuals who are intellectually incompetent, irresponsible as parents, prone to requiring public assistance, and prone to criminal behavior, psychiatric disorders, and substance abuse.”[12] Meanwhile, at the other end of the social spectrum, Jewish activists have recruited the most intellectually capable elements from within White populations and used them (through a Jewish-sanctioned public school curriculum and a perverted system of financial incentives) to harm communities of their own biological origin.

The Jewish hyper-sexualization of Western culture seems to only intensify with each passing year, as the line between pornography and popular entertainment blurs. To protect White communities from the insidious influence of Hollywood we clearly need, in addition to exposing the ethnic agenda behind its output, develop an alternative and widely accessible media of our own that reinforces the cultural supports for healthy White families. While significant progress can doubtless be made towards developing an alternative media infrastructure through using new communications technologies, breaking the Jewish mass media and entertainment monopoly will ultimately require the acquisition and deployment of very considerable financial resources.

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